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State Safety Retirement

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Can a state employee request State Safety retirement designation?

No. The employer or labor organization must seek a State Safety retirement determination from the California Department of Human Resources.

2.    Can a state employee in a State Safety designated classification or position request a different CalPERS retirement plan; such as miscellaneous retirement?

No. A state employee cannot request a change to his or her retirement plan.

3.    Can a state employee who transfers from a State Safety classification or position to a Non-Safety classification submit a request to retain State Safety retirement?

No. The employee will be placed into the appropriate retirement plan.

 4.    Can a State Safety member voluntarily make Social Security tax contributions?

No. Employees in State Safety are exempt from making Social Security tax payments under the Federal and State 218 Agreement and CalPERS laws.

5.    How can a state employee verify his or her retirement plan?

A state employee can verify his or her retirement plan by contacting the personnel specialist or accessing the MyCalPERS secure account to review his or her CalPERS retirement information.

  Updated: 3/18/2019
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