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Structural Steel Painter Apprentice (6519)

Structural Steel Painter Apprentice

California State Personnel Board Specification

  • Schematic Code: PQ45
  • Class Code: 6519
  • Established: 08/03/1967
  • Revised: 07/01/1993
  • Title Changed: --


Under close supervision as an indentured apprentice, to do progres- sively more skilled work in cleaning and painting structural steel bridges and related structures and facilities; and to do other related work.

Job Characteristics

This class is designed for entrance and performance in a bona fide apprentice training program leading to journey level status as a Structural Steel Painter. Persons in this class are indentured apprentices in training under the provisions of apprenticeship standards and written apprentice agreements as defined in Division 3, Chapter 4 of the Labor Code. Inability to maintain satisfactory progress in the academic and vocational work of the apprenticeship program is sufficient cause for separation from the program.

Typical Tasks

Assists a journey level Structural Steel Painter and receives train- ing in cleaning and painting structural steel bridges and related structures and facilities; cleans, scrapes, wire brushes, steam cleans and abrasive blast cleans structural steel and other surfac- es; applies under and finish coats of paint with brush, roller or spray equipment; mixes paint; rigs, erects, and moves manual, pneu- matic or electric power-operated scaffolding or staging; cleans, repairs and maintains tools, brushes and other paint equipment; paints simple signs; learns to operate trucks, cranes and vehicles necessary for erection of scaffolding and transportation of person- nel and materials; takes after-hours courses necessary to round out training.

Minimum Qualification

Possession of a valid Class C driver license.

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of: Basic arithmetic and mechanical principles. Ability to: Communicate at a level contained in classroom instruc- tional materials used in the apprenticeship program, safety and equipment operations manuals; follow directions; acquire acceptable work habits such as punctuality, skill, neatness and dependability; work safely; apply mechanical principles; makes satisfactory prog- ress in the prescribed academic and practical work in an approved apprenticeship program for Structural Steel Painter.

Special Personal Characteristics

Ability to work safely at heights of at least 200 feet above ground or water on structural steel bridges and the ability to withstand working continuously under adverse (e.g., cold, wet, windy) weather conditions; freedom from lead poisoning as suggested by a blood lead level test; ability and willingness to use respiratory equipment when abrasive blasting, painting and performing other duties which require respiratory protection; willingness and ability to travel and work short periods of time throughout California; willingness and ability to improve knowledge and efficiency by completing relat- ed courses as directed; visual and color acuity sufficient to per- form the essential functions of the job.

Additional Desirable Qualification

Possession of a valid and unrestricted Class B or Class A driver license.

Drug Testing Requirement

Applicants for positions in this class are required to pass a drug screening test. Testing of current employees who are applicants in an examination or who are transferring is permitted only if the person does not have a current appointment to a class for which drug testing is a requirement.

  Updated: 6/3/2012
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