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Water Resources Engineering Associate (Specialist) (3042)

Water Resources Engineering Associate (Specialist)

California State Personnel Board Specification

  • Schematic Code: GP20
  • Class Code: 3042
  • Established: 01/06/1961
  • Revised: 05/20/1986
  • Title Changed: 05/20/1986


Under general direction of an engineer, to do engineering work at a level of difficulty comparable to the following: (1) assists the construction project engineer and is responsible for a major segment of the project; or (2) performs difficult engineering work in any phase of the State's water resources program; and to do other related work.

Typical Tasks

Prepares maps, drawings, charts, and property descriptions for engineering projects; makes preliminary, location, and construction surveys for dams, aqueducts, levees, buildings, wharves, and similar structures; gathers, compiles, and analyzes data pertaining to engineering investigations, including hydrologic, hydrographic, meteorologic, foundation and right-of-way studies; performs the inspection of engineering construction or maintenance; performs the physical testing of construction material; performs one of the hydrographic activities of the Department of Water Resources, or is responsible for a complex technical assignment in a specialized hydrographic field; performs the activities of current meter, data gathering, and water distribution crews in an assigned district; performs the installation and maintenance of hydraulic measuring devices; computes complex rating curves; determines the amount of water required for irrigation and other uses by field investigations; collects data and makes field investigations of physical facts for use in technical reports prepared for the adjudication of water rights; makes investigations of surface and groundwater supply and other water resources as directed; assists in the preparation of annual hydrographic reports; assembles and compiles information from field reports and investigations; prepares technical reports and dictates correspondence.

Minimum Qualifications

Either I


Three years of engineering experience in the California state service performing duties comparable in level of responsibility to those of Water Resources Technician II.



Four years of engineering experience in one or a combination of the following: (Experience in the California state service applied toward this requirement must be in a class comparable in level of responsibility to Water Resources Technician II.)


1. As chief of a survey party on a location or construction of major engineering construction projects excluding buildings; or


2. Technical engineering inspection of major engineering construction projects excluding buildings; or


3. Gathering, compiling, and processing technical engineering data, including the making of engineering calculations; or


4. Physical testing of engineering construction of materials; or


5. Preparation of plans, specifications, and estimates for engineering projects such as bridges, roads, aqueducts, levees, and similar structures.

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of: Methods, procedures and equipment used in major engineering construction projects; water measuring methods and devices; practical application of the principles and practices of civil engineering; surveying, mapping, and drafting; practical application of principles and procedures of water quality analysis; practices of and methods and equipment used in hydrography and hydrology; factors affecting the accuracy of water measuring and controlling devices; practical methods of irrigation; strength, properties, and uses of engineering construction materials and methods of testing such materials; Divisions 1 and 2 of the Water Code and related water laws and court decisions.


Ability to: Read and write English at a level required for successful job performance; prepare specifications, estimates, and property descriptions pertaining to engineering projects; inspect engineering project work for compliance with specifications; make snow surveys, collect data on floods, and on surface and underground water supplies, and assist in the analysis of such data; gather, compile, and process engineering data; prepare technical engineering reports and dictate correspondence; analyze situations accurately and take effective action.

Additional Desirable Qualification

Education equivalent to completion of the 12th grade.

  Updated: 6/3/2012
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