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Exam Services


​Examination Services Program

The California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) Examination Services Program provides professional examination expertise to state departments. The Examination Services Program ensures that the administration of examinations are processed in accordance with the laws and rules of the state civil service merit system as mentioned in the California Constitution.


     California Constitution, Article 7, Section 1b:   


          "In the civil service permanent appointment and promotion shall be made under a general system based on merit ascertained by competitive examination."

​Consultation for State Departments

​The Online Consultation Team provides training to state departments on policies and technical training for the Online Examination and Certification Systems.

Departments seeking assistance with the Online Examination and Certification Systems may contact the Personnel Technician or Analyst assigned to their department. An updated listing of departmental contacts may be found on ECOS ( under the consult tab.

​Examination Administration 

The Examinations Team develops and administers servicewide and LEAP examinations for state departments.

The Examinations Team, in conjunction with Test Validation & Construction (TV&C) Program, also provides contracting services to state departments by coordinating, developing and implementing test administration as requested.  Departments interested in contracting with CalHR for these services may email requests to   

State departments seeking approval for a consortium list may send requests to .  For additional information, please visit the Servicewide & Consortium Examinations webpage.


State departments seeking approval to administer an exam for a servicewide class may visit Grapevine for information.  Registration forms for servicewide requests may be emailed to .


If you are interested in taking an examination, please visit our jobs website:

​Merit Selection Manual: Policy and Practices

The manual establishes operational standards and guidelines for conducting selection processes for the State's civil service, as well as documenting professional best practices. The manual contains discussions of key selection subjects, addressing the issues and factors that directly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of the State's selection program. The manual is a living document and will be updated and revised as necessary to ensure that it reflects the latest regulatory requirements and industry best-practices affecting the employment testing profession.


The CalHR is committed to ensuring that the merit principle is embodied in the State's civil service, and each of you plays an integral role in this mission. The CalHR encourages every agency and department to model their selection programs around both legal requirements and state-of-the-profession innovation. Through the utilization of a sound, job-related selection program, the State can be assured of a qualified, productive workforce. Selection decisions will be made on the basis of objective, job-related criteria.


CalHR staff are available to provide technical assistance and guidance in every aspect of the selection process.  The Merit Selection Manual may be found on State Personnel Board's website

​Examination Assistance

If you need any assistance with examinations administered by the CalHR (formerly by the State Personnel Board), please contact: 

Phone:          (866) 844-8671


Walk-in:         CalHR State Jobs Center

For questions about an examination administered by another department, please contact the department listed on the examination bulletin. 

  Updated: 3/25/2016
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