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Automotive Pool Manager Series

Automotive Pool Manager Series

California State Personnel Board Specification

Series established July 13, 1972


The classes in this series are used to plan, organize, and direct the operation of State garages, including the vehicle pool operations, and the mechanical repair and service facilities; or to perform work of a comparable level of difficulty in a staff capacity.


Incumbents in this series serve as managers of State garage and vehicle pool operations, comprising service and storage facilities, maintenance and repair shops, and a pool of State-owned vehicles; provide for effective operation, utilization, maintenance, repair, and storage of State-owned vehicles; administer subpools and parking facilities for employees and public use; assist in the development of policies and procedures pertinent to the operation; coordinate the statewide operation and maintenance of State parking facilities for the public and State employees.


Automotive Pool Manager Series Specification - Class Titles and Codes
Schem Code Class Code Class
QN50 6895 Automotive Pool Manager I
QN30 6883 Automotive Pool Manager II

Factors Affecting Position Allocation

The number of vehicles in the pool, the variety of activities for which responsible, and the number of employees supervised; and in the headquarters staff position the scope of responsibility assigned, the independence of action, the responsibility for program development and coordination.

Definition of Series

The Automotive Pool Manager I may instruct, lead or supervise inmates, wards or resident workers.

Definition of Levels

Automotive Pool Manager I

The incumbent is either a manager of a small State garage; an assistant to the manager of large State garage; or headquarters staff assistant with comparable responsibility.

Automotive Pool Manager II

The incumbent is a manager of a large State garage.

Minimum Qualifications

Experience applicable to one of the following patterns may be combined on a proportional basis with experience applicable to the other pattern to meet the total experience requirements. Additionally, State experience applied toward the Pattern II must include at least one year in a class at a level of responsibility equivalent to that of one of the classes specified in the promotional State experience pattern.

Automotive Pool Manager I

Either I


One year of experience in California state service performing automotive pool duties comparable in level of responsibility to Automotive Pool Attendant III. or


Two years of experience in California state service performing automotive pool duties comparable in level of responsibility to Automotive Pool Attendant II.



Three years of experience as manager of a service station. or


Four years of experience in parking facilities, or car rental agencies, two years of which shall have included management and supervision of a parking facility of at least 1000 spaces or a rental fleet of at least 50 vehicles.

Automotive Pool Manager II

Either I


Two years of experience in California state service performing the duties of an Inspector of Automotive Equipment or Senior Inspector of Automotive Equipment. or


Three years of experience in California state service performing automotive pool management duties comparable in level of responsibility to those of an Automotive Pool Manager I, or Automotive Mechanic Supervisor.



Four years of experience as either:


l. Service manager or service representative for a large garage or vehicle repair and sales agency employing a minimum of 10 mechanics; or


2. Inspector for a large private or public agency with responsibility for the inspection for maintenance of a group of over 150 vehicles; or


3. Operator or manager of a private car rental agency of 50 or more vehicles.

Knowledge and Abilities

Both Levels:

Knowledge of: Principles and methods of garage management and operation of parking facilities; servicing requirements of vehicles and other internal combustion engine equipment; auto body and mechanical component repair methods and costs; layout of garage service and shop facilities; safety principles and practices; State traffic laws; principles of supervision.


Ability to: Develop and recommend appropriate standards, policies and methods; be sensitive to the needs and requirements of the agencies and people served; establish and maintain cooperative relations with State agencies and with persons contacted in the course of the work; establish, maintain, and analyze detailed records; write letters and reports; prepare budget estimates; analyze situations and take effective action.

Automotive Pool Manager II

Knowledge of: In addition to the above, requires knowledge of the principles of effective organization, budgeting, management and administration of contracts.

Class History

Automotive Pool Manager Series History - Dates Established, Revised, and Title Changed
Class Date Established Date Revised Title Changed
Automotive Pool Manager I 04/11/1936 07/11/1979 07/13/1972
Automotive Pool Manager II 07/13/1972 07/11/1979 --
  Updated: 6/3/2012
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