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Statewide Disability Advisory Council

Disclaimer: The views expressed at the Statewide Disability Advisory Council (SDAC) forum or through communication with SDAC leadership are those of SDAC, and do not necessarily represent those of the California Department of Human Resources.

The SDAC assists departments in maintaining their respective Disability Advisory Committee (DAC). SDAC helps departmental DACs by sharing ideas for improving the representation of state employees with disabilities, and how to have an effective DAC. SDAC serves as an advisory council to CalHR to help California State government increase and improve employment opportunities for people with disabilities.​

Meeting Dates

The SDAC meets virtually via Zoom on the following dates:

  • December 21, 2023

  • January 18, 2024

  • March 21, 2024

  • May 16, 2024

  • July 18, 2024

  • October 24, 2024

  • December 19, 2024

Contact Information​

For questions about SDAC, DAC resources, or to subscribe to notices, please contact the SDAC Co-Chair:
Bobby Dutta

  Updated: 10/24/2023
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