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Clinical Psychology Intern (9851)

Clinical Psychology Intern

California State Personnel Board Specification

  • Schematic Code: XM20
  • Class Code: 9851
  • Established: 03/05/1964
  • Revised: 03/07/1995
  • Title Changed: --


Under close supervision and in a trainee capacity, to learn and assist in a clinical psychology program; and to do other related work.

Job Characteristics

The class of Clinical Psychology Intern is a training class established to provide limited-term employment offering supervised experience in clinical psychology. Work assignments are typically made in coordination with the school of psychology in which the predoctoral intern is enrolled. Post-doctoral interns are assigned duties to provide them with suitable training for the clinical specialization. Specific duties, responsibilities, and compensation are set in accordance with the level of academic preparation.

Typical Tasks

Receives training from the clinical psychology staff and gains practical experience by observing and assisting with the work performed; assists in and performs psychological research; collects and organizes data, makes analyses, and prepares reports; observes methods, problems, and principles related to psychological services to clients or inmates covering either a broad range of disordered behavior or specific to particular problems, e.g., children, sex offenders, mentally or developmentally disabled, alcoholics, aged; administers, scores, and interprets psychological tests; interviews clients or inmates; takes work, social, and case histories; participates in in-service training programs; gains supervised experience in counseling, group and individual therapy, and other psychological methods of behavior modification; gains experience in the problems, methods, and ethics of professional conduct and practice.

Minimum Qualifications

Graduation from college and enrollment in and completion of at least one year of a postgraduate program leading to the Doctoral Degree in Psychology (clinical specialty) in a university department of psychology of recognized standing; or possession of the Doctoral Degree in Psychology from a university department of psychology of recognized standing with sufficient graduate course work for clinical specialization.

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of: The basic principles and techniques of clinical psychology.


Ability to: Reason clearly and logically, draw sound conclusions and make appropriate recommendations; apply instructions to working situations; gather and analyze data; establish and maintain effective working relationships; communicate effectively.

Special Personal Characteristics

Interest in mental health and/or correctional services, problems, and methods; willingness to do routine work in order to learn; tact, patience, neat personal appearance, emotional stability, and high ethical and moral standards.

Drug Testing Requirement

Applicants for positions in this class are required to pass a drug screening test. Testing of current employees who are applicants in an examination or who are transferring is permitted only if the person does not have a current appointment to a class for which drug testing is a requirement.

  Updated: 6/3/2012
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