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Standards Compliance Coordinator (8328)

Standards Compliance Coordinator

California State Personnel Board Specification

  • Schematic Code: KJ50
  • Class Code: 8328
  • Established: 12/01/1981
  • Revised: 04/04/2000
  • Title Changed: --


Under direction in a State hospital/developmental center, Headquarters of the Department of Developmental Services, general acute/psychiatric health care correctional facility, or the California Veterans' Home and Medical Center, to coordinate and facilitate those activities relating to achieving and maintaining the licensing, certification, and accreditation of the facility; to assure compliance with other applicable standards of quality of care; to integrate these activities with other facilitywide quality assurance activities; and to do other related work.

Typical Tasks

Incumbents provide consultation, resource information, reference material, technical assistance, and training to facility administration and staff on all applicable State, Federal, and voluntary standards, rules, regulations, and public laws governing the operation of health care facilities, and on their interpretation, application, and implementation; advise facility administration of the facility's compliance status, make recommendations for courses of action to ensure standards compliance, and participate in facility policy and program formulation to assure that policies, procedures, and practices are in accordance with applicable regulations and standards; coordinate and monitor all applicable facility surveys, maintain survey schedules, prepare the facility for survey, and coordinate completion of necessary documents, such as applications, self-assessment surveys, plans of correction, and requests for waivers or program flexibility; develop and maintain a monitoring, audit, and feedback system that ensures ongoing standards, regulatory compliance activities, and corrective action plans are conducted timely, are appropriate, and assures quality client/patient care and service delivery; provide liaison between the facility and survey agencies, local, State, and Federal offices, department headquarters, and others in matters relating to survey processes and standards compliance; keep abreast of changes or proposed changes in regulations; review proposed regulations for facility impact, and communicate changes to pertinent facility staff; provide consultation assistance with certain Medicare/MediCal and utilization review matters; monitor facility medical/social review team findings and their implications; review level-of-care redeterminations; organize appeals and fair hearings; participate in and chair committees and work groups, prepare summaries, reports, and correspondence; and do other related work.

Minimum Qualifications

Either I


One year of experience in the California state service performing the duties of a Medical Record Consultant or Health Program Coordinator, Correctional Facility.



Two years of clinical nursing experience in the California state service performing the duties of a class comparable in level of responsibility to those of a Unit Supervisor, Supervising Registered Nurse, or Senior Medical Technical Assistant.



Two years of experience in the Department of Mental Health performing the duties of an Associate Mental Health Specialist.



Two years of experience as a Medical Record Director in a health care facility.

Or V


Three years of clinical experience as a psychiatric social worker, psychologist, rehabilitation therapist, recreation therapist, individual program coordinator, or teacher in a health care facility.

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of: Laws, rules, regulations, and standards governing the operations of State hospitals/developmental centers, health care facilities, and health care institutions within the Department of Corrections; policies and procedures of the Department of Developmental Services, the Department of Mental Health, the Department of Corrections, or the Department of Veterans Affairs; State hospital/developmental centers and correctional institution organization and management; principles and procedures of assessment evaluation, analysis, data collection, and report writing.


Ability to: Establish and maintain cooperative relations with a multidisciplinary hospital staff and with officials of State, Federal, and local agencies; analyze situations accurately and recommend effective action; communicate effectively.

Additional Desirable Qualifications

Experience in hospital administration, nursing administration, or health facility evaluation and consultation.

  Updated: 6/3/2012
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