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Clinical Administrator (8255)

Clinical Administrator

California State Personnel Board Specification

  • Schematic Code: TT05
  • Class Code: 8255
  • Established: 06/16/1987
  • Revised: --
  • Title Changed: --


Under administrative direction of the Medical Director (Chief Deputy), C.E.A., to plan, organize, and direct the treatment programs and clinical support functions within a State hospital for the mentally disabled; and to do other related work.

Typical Tasks

Approves, administers, and evaluates the clinical treatment and education services for a State hospital; supervises program directors and other sub-ordinate managers in the administration of treatment services, the Centralized Program Services and other clinical support functions; such as identifies and solves problems in the provision of clinical services to patients; ensures that clinical services are provided within an overall planned effort having goals and objectives consistent with the mission of the department of Mental Health; develops, implements, and evaluates standards and procedures which ensure that quality clinical services are provided to patients; ensures that Federal and State laws and departmental policies are implemented; interfaces with referring agencies and other interested groups regarding the provision of treatment services to patients and those individuals being considered for referral to the hospital; coordinates with the Hospital Administrator to ensure that there is a full range of appropriate support services which pro-vide quality care and treatment to patients; ensures that the clinical services achieve and maintain compliance with licensing and certification regulations; and serves as a member of the Executive Director's policy setting staff.

Minimum Qualifications

Either I


In California state service, one year of experience performing the duties of a Program Director (Mental Disabilities Programs).



In California state service, two years experience performing the duties of a Program Assistant (Mental Disabilities Programs) a Chief, Central Program Services, or an Office of Program Review Consultant, State Hospitals.



Five years of administrative supervisory experience over the clinical treatment programs in a large facility or agency serving the mentally disabled.

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of: Principles, procedures, and techniques used in planning, evaluating, and administering a multidisciplinary patient treatment program; principles and practices of personnel management and effective supervision; principles and practices of hospital organization, management, and procedures; principles and methods of health care, rehabilitation, education, and psychiatric treatment of patients; California laws and rules pertaining to hospital administration; manager's role in the Affirmative Action Program and the processes available to meet affirmative action objectives.


Ability to: Plan, organize, and direct the work of multidisciplinary professional and administrative staff; analyze administrative policies, organizations, procedures and practices, and work independently in identifying the need for and developing changes; integrate the activities of a diverse program to attain common goals; gain the confidence and support of top level administrators and advise them on a wide range of administrative matters, and effectively contribute to the Department's affirmative action objectives.

  Updated: 6/3/2012
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