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ABOLISHED 07/06/2017 PER PAY LETTER 17-25 - Foster Grandparent Field Supervisor (8162)

ABOLISHED 07/06/2017 PER PAY LETTER 17-25 - Foster Grandparent Field Supervisor

California State Personnel Board Specification

  • Schematic Code: WN49
  • Class Code: 8162
  • Established: 12/18/1954
  • Revised: --
  • Title Changed: --


Under supervision of a Volunteer Services Program Manager, Youth Authority, assists in the recruitment, selection, training and placement of Foster Grandparents/Senior Companions in a Department of the Youth Authority facility; provides technical supervision over the program; coordinates the activities of the foster grandparents; and does other related work.

Typical Tasks

In a Department of the Youth Authority facility, assists the Volunteer Services Program Manager, Youth Authority, in the recruitment, selection and training of Foster Grandparents/Senior Companions; provides functional supervision and instruction of foster grandparents; develops work schedules; maintains meal, transportation and attendance records for foster grandparents; coordinates the assignment of foster grandparents in cooperation with the Volunteer Services Program Manager, Youth Authority, and appropriate institutional staff; monitors the performance of foster grandparents and takes or effectively recommends appropriate action; develops and submits reports relative to the effectiveness of program activities and recommends appropriate changes; helps wards develop socially, emotionally and mentally by encouraging mature responsible behavior and through empathetic understanding of their feelings; participates in community-based public relations; and maintains cooperative working relationships with institutional staff and members of various public and private organizations.

Minimum Qualifications

Either I

One Year of Experience Performing the Duties of A Foster Grandparent/Senior Companion in the Department of the Youth Authority facility. Or


Two years of experience in providing companionship, assistance and/or guidance to youths or adults. This experience must have included assisting in counseling individuals and small groups, assisting in planning, organizing and conducting leisure time activities and developing self-help skills. and

Knowledges and Abilities

Knowledge of: Methods of coordinating, planning, organizing and monitoring a Foster Grandparent Program activity; institutional organization and different kinds of treatment programs; and public relations and problems relating to foster grandparents and juvenile offenders.


Ability to: Formulate and manage a Foster Grandparent Program activity; supervise and provide assistance to foster grandparents; establish and maintain effective working relationships with professional, governmental and private organizations and institutional staff; interpret the Foster Grandparent Program to individuals and groups; evaluate the effectiveness of program activities; comply with funding conditions; and read and write effectively.

  Updated: 10/4/2017
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