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ABOLISHED 07/06/2017 PER PAY LETTER 17-25 - Hospital Worker (Safety) (8146)

ABOLISHED 07/06/2017 PER PAY LETTER 17-25 - Hospital Worker (Safety)

California State Personnel Board Specification

  • Schematic Code: TN81
  • Class Code: 8146
  • Established: 11/01/2000
  • Revised: --
  • Title Changed: --


Under supervision, to do routine work involved in the operation of a unit in a State developmental center, hospital, or correctional facility contracting with the Department of Mental Health for diagnostic and treatment services; and to do other related work.

Job Characteristics

Positions in the class of Hospital Worker (Safety) are normally assigned a variety of tasks related to the general housekeeping and maintenance of a safe therapeutic environment of a hospital unit as distinguished from licensed patient care and treatment functions performed by the regularly assigned unit nursing services personnel. In addition, Hospital Workers (Safety) may be routinely called upon to assist dressing, feeding, and toileting; and maintain a safe therapeutic environment for forensic clients, patients, or inmates.

Distinguishing Characteristics

This class is distinguished from the Hospital Worker by the custody requirements imposed by the criminal nature of the forensic client, patient, or inmate population and the security features of the facility.

Typical Tasks

Performs routine housekeeping tasks such as sweeping, mopping, and waxing floors, washing walls and windows, and cleaning bathrooms and lavatories; cleans, dusts, and polishes furniture, fixtures, and woodwork; operates scrubbers, buffers, waxers, and other equipment and machinery; empties and cleans waste receptacles; assists in moving and arranging furniture and equipment; handles cleaning and housekeeping supplies; receives, counts, folds, stores, and issues clean linen and clothing; operates clothes washers and dryers; transports food carts to and from the unit; cleans tables and dirty dishes; operates dishwashers; disposes of garbage; assists in the unit dining room as needed; assists nursing services personnel in bathing, dressing, grooming, feeding, toileting, and implementing behavioral, developmental, and social training programs of forensic clients, patients, or inmates; escorts selected forensic clients, patients, or inmates to and from the unit; empties bedpans; runs off- unit errands; assists on the unit as needed; and observes and intervenes in instances of disruptive or assaultive behavior.


Assists staff in the counting, distribution, and accounting for all utensils to prevent their use as weapons; inspecting forensic clients', patients', or inmates' mail and living areas for hazardous contraband; inspecting facility to identify security breaches that could lead to forensic client, patient, or inmate escape; observing and intervening in forensic client, patient, or inmate behavior that may signal an impending escape attempt; and escorting forensic clients, patients, or inmates to other areas of the facility.

Knowledge and Abilities

Ability to: Read and write English at a level appropriate to the classification; follow instructions.

Special Personal Characteristics

Willingness to work at developmental centers, State hospitals, or correctional facilities contracting with the Department of Mental Health for diagnostic and treatment services; willingness to follow strict instructions; cheerfulness; acceptance of forensic clients, patients, or inmates; willingness to perform routine, repetitive, and frequently disagreeable tasks; sympathetic and objective understanding of the problems of developmentally or mentally disordered offenders and the willingness to work with them; tact; patience; emotional stability; alertness, good judgment; ability to be a team worker; adjustable to sudden changes in assignments; and neat personal appearance.

Special Physical Characteristics

Incumbents must possess and maintain sufficient strength, agility, and endurance to perform during physically, mentally, and emotionally stressful and emergency situations encountered on the job without endangering their own health and well-being or that of their fellow employees, forensic clients, patients, inmates, or the public.

Drug Testing Requirement

Applicants for positions in this class are required to pass a drug- screening test. (The drug-screening test will be waived for employees who are currently in a designated "sensitive" class for which drug testing is required under State Personnel Board Rule 213.)

  Updated: 10/4/2017
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