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ABOLISHED 02/02/2017 PER PAY LETTER 17-11 - Chief, Environmental Health Division Definition (8004)

ABOLISHED 02/02/2017 PER PAY LETTER 17-11 - Chief, Environmental Health Division Definition

California State Personnel Board Specification

  • Schematic Code: TA02
  • Class Code: 8004
  • Established: 01/23/1979
  • Revised: 04/07/1982
  • Title Changed: 04/07/1982

Chief, Environmental Health Division Definition

Under administrative direction, to plan, organize, and direct the Environmental Health Division; to participate in the formulation and implementation of departmental policy and programs; and to do other related work.

Typical Tasks

Plans, organizes, manages, and directs the Department's Environmental Health Division; reviews and evaluates the work of the operating units within the program for compliance with established policies and standards; consults with unit chiefs on administrative and technical issues; directs and implements adjustment to program goals, policies, methods of operations; directs the development of the program operating budget and allocation of program resources for meeting established pro gram objectives; coordinates the programs of the Division with other related programs in the Department; represents the Department as a member of various statewide statutory boards; serves as hearing officer for the Department for the adoption of regulations; maintains liaison with the Legislature to provide technical expertise and advice on environmental health legislation; reviews and approves bill analyses; coordinates development of proposed legislation; maintains liaison with State agencies involved in related environmental health programs; coordinates the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) function of the Department; approves all personnel actions; leads task forces or special studies; prepares reports and papers for publication; performs other duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications

Either I


Three years of experience in the California state service performing the duties of a class at a level of responsibility comparable to that of Chief, Food and Drug Branch, in the State Department of Health Services.



Experience: Five years of direct administrative responsibility for a health program encompassing a broad range of environmental health elements such as food and drug quality control; sanitary engineering; radiologic health; vector biology and control; hazardous and solid waste management; occupational health; and local environmental health quality assurance. (Possession of a doctoral degree in a field related to public health may be substituted for ne year of the required experience.); and Education: Possession of a Master s Degree in Public Health or a Master of Science Degree with major work in an environmental health science such as chemistry, sanitary engineering, environmental health science, food technology, pharmacology, health physics biology, mechanical or biomedical engineering, or bacteriology.

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of: Principles and practices of public health administration and environmental health; current programs, problems, and trends in environmental health; facilities, organizations, and services engaged in environmental health programs in California; principles and techniques of personnel management; the Department's Affirmative Action Program objectives; a manager's role in the Affirmative Action Program and the processes available to meet affirmative action objectives.


Ability to: Plan, organize, and direct the work of others; advise and consult in areas of environmental health; secure and maintain cooperative working relationships with representatives of governmental agencies and with various units of the Department; effectively carry out and meet departmental affirmative action goals and objectives; speak and write effectively; analyze administrative problems accurately and take effective action; effectively contribute to the Department's affirmative action objectives.

  Updated: 8/2/2017
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