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Medical Resident (Various Specialties) (7570)

Medical Resident (Various Specialties)

California State Personnel Board Specification

  • Schematic Code: SB65
  • Class Code: 7570
  • Established: 03/20/1974
  • Revised: 03/07/1995
  • Title Changed: --


Under supervision, in a Department of Developmental Services or Mental Health training program approved for residency training by a medical specialty board, to receive basic training in a recognized medical specialty and to perform appropriate specialty and general medical work for the limited period of time required to complete residency training; and to do other related work.

Job Characteristics

The medical residency program provides training approved by a recognized American Medical Specialty Board for its respective medical specialty. Training is generally conducted in a State hospital or Developmental Center.


Medical residents are required to comply with California state law, rules, and regulations regarding certification or licensure by the California Board of Medical Quality Assurance or the California Board of Osteopathic Examiners.


All appointments are limited to the period of time required to satisfactorily complete the specialized training requirements for an American Medical Specialty Board eligibility or American Osteopathic Board specialty eligibility.

Typical Tasks

Under supervision of a qualified diplomate in the specialty field of his/her residency training, receives planned and organized professional training and experience in the clinical laboratory, medical administrative and special tests and techniques applicable to the specialty field of training in which he/she is engaged.


Under supervision of qualified specialists, examines, diagnoses, administers medical treatment and other specialized treatment to clients; prepares case summaries and recommendation; presents cases to supervisor or clinical conference; reports on progress and recommends indicated changes in treatment; performs general medical and surgical work as assigned; attends clinics, staff conferences, lectures and seminars; serves periodically as officer-of-the-day.

Minimum Qualifications

Graduation from an approved medical or osteopathic school.

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of: Principles and methods of general medicine and surgery; causes, treatment and prevention of diseases and disabilities in the field of the medical specialty in which he/she is studying.


Ability to: Prepare comprehensive records, reports and case histories; analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action.

Special Personal Characteristics

Demonstrated interest in and aptitude for his/her selected medical specialty work; tact; patience; and emotional stability.

Drug Testing Requirement

Applicants for positions in this class are required to pass a drug screening test. Testing of current employees who are applicants in an examination or who are transferring is permitted only if the person does not have a current appointment to a class for which drug testing is a requirement.

  Updated: 6/3/2012
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