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Librarian (Residential Care Centers) Series

Librarian (Residential Care Centers) Series

California State Personnel Board Specification

Series established January 22, 1991


This series specification describes three professional Librarian classes used in a State-administered institutional settings. These positions exist in various departments with residential care centers including State Hospitals, Developmental Centers and the Veterans Home of California. Classes in this series are assigned responsibilities that require application of the basic philosophy, principles, and theories of library service; evaluation of materials, information, and research; assessment of proposals; ability to keep informed of and to evaluate studies and developments in the profession and to do other related work.

Factors Affecting Position Allocation

Factors affecting position allocation include the level, variety, and complexity of work, independence of action, degree of supervisory responsibility, and role in program and policy formulation and implementation.


Librarian (Residential Care Centers) Series Specification - Class Titles and Codes
Schem Code Class Code Class
FM56 7548 Librarian (Residential Care Centers)
FM46 7549 Senior Librarian (Supervisor) (Residential Care Centers)
FM44 7546 Senior Librarian (Specialist) (Residential Care Centers)

Definition of Levels

Librarian (Residential Care Centers)

This is the entry and journeyperson level for this series. Incumbents may either (1) perform difficult professional work in connection with selecting, cataloging, loaning, or the reference use of books and other library materials; (2) have full responsibility for a smaller institutional library; or (3)�perform specialized professional library activities, such as systems analysis and research projects.

Senior Librarian (Supervisor) (Residential Care Centers)

This is the working supervisor level in this series. Incumbents may either (1) supervise a staff of professional or technical, and clerical personnel; (2) be responsible for a larger institutional library.

Senior Librarian (Specialist) (Residential Care Centers)

This is the senior specialist level in this series. Incumbents in these nonsupervisory assignments perform highly complex library work of a specialized nature.

Minimum Qualifications

Librarian (Residential Care Centers)

Education: Equivalent to graduation from college and completion of graduate study in a library school. (Registration as a graduate student in a library school will admit applicants to the examination, but they must submit evidence of completion before they can be considered eligible for appointment.)

Senior Librarian (Supervisor) (Residential Care Centers)

Senior Librarian (Specialist) (Residential Care Centers)

Either I


Two years in the California state service performing librarian duties at a level of responsibility equivalent to that of a Librarian (Residential Care Centers).



Experience: Three years of increasingly responsible and varied professional library experience, such as cataloging, research work, reference work, library service projects, and the selection of library materials; and


Education: All of the above.

Knowledge and Abilities

Librarian (Residential Care Centers)

Knowledge of: Principles, trends, and practices of professional library work; modern library methods, techniques, and terminology; standard reference materials, library tools, guides, and indexes; library purposes, trends, and organization.


Ability to: Apply professional knowledge to the practical problems of the job; establish and maintain cooperative relationships with library users, co-workers, supervisors, and others contacted during the course of work; analyze situations accurately and take effective action; speak and write effectively.

Senior Librarian (Specialist) (Residential Care Centers)

Knowledge of: All of the above, and complex bibliography terminology; subject fields and California Government location and programs of major libraries in California.


Ability to: All of the above, assume leadership and apply creativity in the formulation of needed changes in methods and procedures.

Senior Librarian (Supervisor) (Residential Care Centers)

Knowledge of: All of the above, and principles and practices of supervision; the Department's Affirmative Action Program objectives; a supervisor's role in the Affirmative Action Program and the processes available to meet affirmative action objectives.


Ability to: All of the above, and plan, organize, direct, and evaluate the work of professional and clerical personnel; effectively contribute to the Department's affirmative action objectives.

Class History

Librarian (Residential Care Centers) Series History - Dates Established, Revised, and Title Changed
Class Date Established Date Revised Title Changed
Librarian (Residential Care Centers) 01/22/1991 -- --
Senior Librarian (Supervisor) (Residential Care Centers) 01/22/1991 -- --
Senior Librarian (Specialist) (Residential Care Centers) 01/22/1991 -- --
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