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ABOLISHED 05/07/2015 PER PAY LETTER 15-16 - Conservationist II, Nursery, California Conservation Corps (7370)

ABOLISHED 05/07/2015 PER PAY LETTER 15-16 - Conservationist II, Nursery, California Conservation Corps

California State Personnel Board Specification

  • Schematic Code: BZ95
  • Class Code: 7370
  • Established: 01/07/1992
  • Revised: 07/02/2014
  • Title Changed: --


Under direction, incumbents are responsible for performing administrative and technical duties involving operation of the native plant nursery; recruitment, supervision, counseling, discipline, training, development, and education of corpsmembers; may supervise staff; may organize, coordinate, and supervise "spike operations", internships, satellites, and special programs; and assist in center program activities.

Typical Tasks

Under general direction, incumbents provide the technical expertise and coordinate and perform a variety of administrative functions at a nursery including, but not limited to, plant propagation, watering, proper application of chemicals and fertilizers, thinning, pruning, and transplanting; counsel, educate, and supervise corpsmembers in the most difficult projects and skills relating to all aspects of California Conservation Corps' centers; direct staff and corpsmembers in operation of the native plant nursery; direct staff and corpsmembers in disaster relief operations such as wild land fires and floods; may organize and supervise "spike operations" and special programs; instruct staff and corpsmembers in safety practices, craftwork, environmental protection, and other related skills; develop, schedule, organize, coordinate, and supervise programs for corpsmember development and training, education, recruitment, etc.; are responsible for program review, evaluations, and written reports. Incumbents may supervise staff, and may act in the capacity of Conservation Administrator I in his/her absence.

Minimum Qualifications

Possession of a valid commercial driver license, Class B, with a Passenger Transport Vehicle special endorsement. (Applicants who do not possess the license will be admitted to the examination, but must secure and provide evidence of a Class B license with a Passenger Transport Vehicle special endorsement prior to appointment.) Possession of a valid State of California, Department of Food and Agriculture Qualified Applicator Certificate.




Education: Equivalent to completion of the 12th grade.



Either I

Experience: Two years of experience in the California state civil service performing the duties of a Conservationist I, California Conservation Corps, Range B, including at least one year performing supervisory duties at a native plant nursery.


Experience: Two years of experience in horticulture or plant production-related work, one year of which must include organizing, instructing, supervising, and evaluating six or more people, ages 16-25, in an organization requiring specific accomplishments or completion of specific tasks. Such experience must include direct responsibility for the discipline, direction, and welfare of the person involved.

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of: Basic principles of fiscal and personnel management, safety, personnel supervision, organization of work activities, methods of group instruction and training, and techniques used in teaching and counseling youth; recreational and social activities appropriate for youth from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds; effective communication skills; leadership development; basic principles of conservation and natural resources; conservation techniques; native plant and seed identification and seed collection techniques; modern methods of propagation; greenhouse management; plant pests and diseases and methods for their control and eradication; horticultural techniques, such as soil mixing, fertilizing methods, pruning, transplanting, etc.; methods, materials, equipment, and tools used in horticultural work; and facility inspection and maintenance, and minor vehicle maintenance.


Ability to: Identify flowers, trees, and shrubs commonly grown in California; organize and oversee re-vegetation and landscape projects; provide instruction on proper horticultural techniques; explain and demonstrate safe work methods and practices; demonstrate skill in teaching young adults and in motivating and inspiring them to establish and achieve personal goals; effectively organize and direct a work crew; establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with governmental agencies and private sector organizations; keep records and prepare written reports; analyze situations and take effective action; conduct inspections of public service conservation work projects; communicate effectively; counsel young adults in substance abuse prevention; and supervise and coordinate volunteers, internship programs, and/or satellite operations.

Special Personal Characteristics

Willingness to work for extended periods occasionally in primitive facilities, and sometimes isolated from communities; willingness to work odd and irregular hours; demonstrated aptitude for, and willingness to teach and work with young people in regard to their personal and social development; willingness to do manual labor, including landscaping, gardening, trail construction, emergency response work, carpentry, and other physically demanding activities; and willingness to set an example for young people through attitude, ability, knowledge, attention to detail, and pride of work.

  Updated: 10/6/2017
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