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ABOLISHED 04/16/2015 PER PAY LETTER 15-13 - Assistant Chief, Fleet Administration, Department of General Services (6905)

ABOLISHED 04/16/2015 PER PAY LETTER 15-13 - Assistant Chief, Fleet Administration, Department of General Services

California State Personnel Board Specification

  • Schematic Code: QN12
  • Class Code: 6905
  • Established: 04/17/1984
  • Revised: 09/03/1991
  • Title Changed: 09/03/1991


Under general direction as assistant to the Chief, Fleet Administration, formulates and administers program policy; plans, organizes, and manages a major regional transportation services program providing effective and economical transportation service to Northern or Southern California; and does other related work.

Typical Tasks

Directs a regional transportation maintenance and inspection program and automotive pool operations program for the northern or southern region; incorporates and promotes within the program, training in and use of safety principles and safe practices; participates in the development of planning and operating policies and procedures; analyzes program progress in terms of goals and costs, maintaining close relationships with other divisions in developing relevant and effective management information systems and improved management reports to assist in operational service evaluation and budget adherence; advises management on technical and operational aspects of the program, as well as on major problems encountered and corrective measures taken; develops methods to forecast future program needs and to translate them into a multi-year program plan; develops program budgets and operating procedures to ensure an ongoing program providing adequate services economically.

Minimum Qualifications

Either I


Two years of experience performing the duties of an Automotive Pool Manager II, or a Senior Inspector of Automotive Equipment; or three years performing the duties of an Inspector of Automotive Equipment.



Experience: Broad and extensive (more than five years) progressively responsible experience in a large governmental or private agency, including at least three years of responsibility for supervising the automotive equipment management activities of an agency having at least 300 pieces of mobile equipment including autos, trucks and heavy equipment. (Experience in the California state service applied toward this requirement must have included two years performing the duties of a Senior Inspector of Automotive Equipment; or an Automotive Pool Manager II; or three years performing the duties of an Inspector of Automotive Equipment.)

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of: Principles and methods of supervision, organization, budgeting and operations management; regulations, rules, administrative policies and procedures, and costs relating to fleet vehicular equipment acquisition, utilization, maintenance and repair and disposition; administration of contracts and agreements; application of modern information systems to program management; planning and operation of garages and repair facilities; safety principles and practices in industrial and operational settings; Department's Affirmative Action Program objectives; a manager's role in the Affirmative Action Program and the processes available to meet affirmative action objectives.


Ability to: Apply leadership and experience to the development of a statewide equipment management program and to effectively organize and direct the work of others; identify and analyze statewide problems related to a transportation program and to devise and initiate solutions; forecast long-term and short-term program needs to provide for economical and efficient services to all State agencies; maintain liaison and develop cooperative working relationships with the higher management levels of State agencies and equipment manufacturers; plan, develop, and promote comprehensive safety programs; communicate effectively orally and in writing; effectively contribute to the Department's affirmative action objectives.

  Updated: 10/16/2017
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