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ABOLISHED 07/06/2017 PER PAY LETTER 17-25 - Glazier (6639)

ABOLISHED 07/06/2017 PER PAY LETTER 17-25 - Glazier

California State Personnel Board Specification

  • Schematic Code: QA20
  • Class Code: 6639
  • Established: 07/09/1931
  • Revised: 07/11/1979
  • Title Changed: --


Under direction, to do skilled work in installing and replacing glass in buildings; may instruct, lead, or supervise inmates, wards, or resident workers; and to do other related work.

Typical Tasks

Cuts and sets glass in skylights, office partitions, windows, doors, and transoms; cuts and installs plate glass for desk and table tops and showcases; replaces broken glass as required; applies putty, metal settings, or wood moldings to make glass work secure and watertight.

Minimum Qualifications

One year of experience as a journeyperson glazier.

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of: Methods, materials, tools, and equipment used in cutting, setting, and installing various kinds of glass; proper use of putty and moldings as applied to wood and metal.


Ability to: Select appropriate types and grades of glass, and cut glass economically; read, interpret, and work from plans, drawings, and specifications; identify and use skillfully all of the tools of the glazing trade; work on a scaffold at varying heights above the ground.

Special Personal Characteristics

Neatness and agility.

  Updated: 10/4/2017
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