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Fusion Welder (6596)

Fusion Welder

California State Personnel Board Specification

  • Schematic Code: PW20
  • Class Code: 6596
  • Established: 1931
  • Revised: 07/11/1979
  • Title Changed: --


Under direction, to perform skilled work involving oxyacetylene welding and cutting, electric arc and heliarc welding, fabrication by welding; may instruct, lead, or supervise inmates, wards, or resident workers; and do other related work.

Typical Tasks

Welds all types of ferrous metals; welds and brazes all types of nonferrous metals; builds up worn equipment parts; repairs broken vehicle parts; prefabricates equipment, structures, pressure vessels, and piping systems; performs welding work and torch cutting both in the shop and in the field; straightens metal parts and sections by torch heating and shrinking.

Minimum Qualifications

Experience: Either


1. Completion of a recognized apprenticeship in fusion welding. (Apprentices who are within six months of completing their apprenticeship program may be admitted to the examination, but they must present evidence of completion of a recognized apprenticeship before they may be appointed.) or


2. Three years of experience in oxyacetylene and electric arc welding.

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of: Preheating methods and other precautions necessary to avoid distortion or breakage of parts when welded; composition of the various ferrous metals and nonferrous metals and alloys, fluxes welding rods and coating and other materials used in welding; operation of equipment, tools, safety devices, and methods used in fusion welding; metal inert gas, electric arc, heliarc, and oxyacetylene welding and torch cutting.


Ability to: Operate and adjust electric and heliarc welding equipment and current converters; operate portable gas engine driven electric welders; read, interpret, and work from plans, drawings, and specifications; lay out metals (plate, sheets, and shapes) for fabrication by cutting and welding; grind and finish welded surfaces; read and write at a level appropriate to the classification.

  Updated: 6/3/2012
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