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ABOLISHED 01/01/2017 PER PAY LETTER 17-04 - Special Assistant Attorney General, Special Counsel, CEA (6107)

ABOLISHED 01/01/2017 PER PAY LETTER 17-04 - Special Assistant Attorney General, Special Counsel, CEA

California State Personnel Board Specification

  • Schematic Code: OC18
  • Class Code: 6107
  • Established: 02/01/1984
  • Revised: 05/16/1995
  • Title Changed: --
  • CEA Established: 02/01/1984


Under the direction of the Attorney General and the Chief Deputy Attorney General, to assist in the development and implementation of policy for the Department of Justice; to review and analyze issues of concern to the Attorney General; to represent the Attorney General in litigation of special importance to the State and the Attorney General; to advise and represent the Attorney General in Federal and State legislative matters; to oversee the activities of departmental staff involved in the formulation and implementation of legislation or legislative bill analyses; to provide policy direction to designated Department programs; to oversee the conduct of designated litigation; and to do other related work.

Typical Tasks

As a member of the Attorney General's Executive Staff, prepares and reviews policy issues of officewide concern, including policies and plans for litigation of special importance to the Attorney General and guidelines for various phases of the practice of law in the Department of Justice; directs interdisciplinary teams of attorneys drawn from different sections of the Department in the conduct of especially complex and difficult litigation; handles cases of special interest to the Attorney General that result in significant and difficult litigation; monitors litigation to ensure consistency of positions in courts; monitors issues and advises the Attorney General and executives regarding positions taken; oversees Attorney General amicus curiae program, including identification of cases for amicus curiae briefs in State and Federal appellate courts; acts for the Attorney General, as assigned, in meetings with legislators, department heads, court officials, and others; provides policy advice to the Attorney General on Federal and State legislative matters; serves as the Attorney General's primary liaison with State legislators, the Legislative Analyst, the California Delegation to the Federal Congress, Office of the Attorney General, management and interested private parties in matters concerning Federal and State legislative activities; directs the activities of the Attorney General's Legislative Unit as necessary; acts as staff for the Attorney General in his position as a member of the Commission on Judicial Appointments; represents the Attorney General and Executive Staff on departmental committees and task forces to provide direction in the implementation of policy; conducts research and prepares background information on issues of concern to the Attorney General; and other administrative and legal duties as assigned by the Attorney General or Chief Deputy Attorney General.

Minimum Qualifications

Active membership in The State Bar of California. and Either I Four years of experience in the California state service performing legal duties[*] at a level of responsibility equivalent to that obtained in the class of Deputy Attorney General III.



Experience: Broad and extensive experience (more than five years) in the practice of law[*] in a governmental jurisdiction or in the private practice of law, two years of which must have included representation of a governmental agency or private law firm in complex litigation and/or legislative work including testimonies and representation before the Legislature on complex and sensitive legislative issues.

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of: Legal principles and their application; scope and character of California statutory law and provisions of the California Constitution; legal research methods; principles of administrative and constitutional law; rules of evidence and conduct of proceedings in trial and appellate courts of California and the United States and before administrative bodies; Federal and State legislative processes; duties, powers, and conduct of the Attorney General of California; principles of law office management.


Ability to: Prepare, present, and handle legal cases; perform research; analyze difficult and complex legal problems, and apply legal principles and precedents to particular sets of facts; present statements of facts, law, and argument clearly and logically in written and oral form; analyze and draft proposed legislative measures; handle difficult legal correspondence; direct the work of clerical and professional assistants; analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action; prepare or direct the preparation of administrative reports; win the confidence and respect of members of the legal profession, public officials, and other persons contacted in the work.

Additional Desirable Qualifications

One year of experience handling complex public rights litigation; experience in policy development affecting legal programs, policies, and law office operations.


* Experience in the "practice of law" or "performing legal duties" is defined as only that legal experience acquired after admission to The Bar.

  Updated: 10/12/2017
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