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Legal Analyst (5237)

Legal Analyst

California State Personnel Board Specification

  • Schematic Code: JY62
  • Class Code: 5237
  • Established: 07/02/1981
  • Revised: 03/21/2006
  • Title Changed: --


Under general supervision, provides paralegal and legal analytical support to attorneys; and does other related work.

Distinguishing Characteristics

The class of Legal Analyst is the journey analytical paralegal class established to provide full-time employment in a legal program in State service. Incumbents work as assistants to attorneys. The class is designed for permanent employment where incumbents can be properly delegated difficult and complex paralegal duties which are analytical in nature. It is distinguished from the class of Legal Assistant in which incumbents perform the less difficult, more routine paralegal duties generally of a processing, monitoring, or data gathering nature. It is distinguished from the class of Senior Legal Analyst in which incumbents, exercising a high degree of independence and only under general direction from attorneys, regularly perform the most difficult paralegal duties in a specialized area of law.

Typical Tasks

Under the general supervision of an attorney who shall accept full responsibility for the tasks performed, the Legal Analyst investigates and analyzes facts and documents in connection with civil litigation; assists in criminal trial preparation by coordinating witnesses and processing subpoenas; coordinates with local law enforcement and judicial entities relative to ministerial problems; when delegated by the attorney, drafts interrogatories and responses to interrogatories; interviews witnesses, complainants, and defendants concerning the facts of cases; drafts roughs of pleadings, complaints, and motions for attorney review by the attorney; assists in the preparation of witness books and exhibit books; conducts historical research with regard to cases and by summarizing deposition transcripts; assists in administrative proceedings by preparing drafts of accusations and statements of issues; prepares responses to routine procedural and/or large volume type inquiries; prepares legislative histories and follow-ups on legislative and regulatory files.

Minimum Qualifications

Either I


Experience: Two years of experience in the California state service performing the duties of a Legal Assistant. (Applicants who are within six months of satisfying the experience requirement for this class will be admitted to the examination, but they must fully meet the experience requirement before being eligible for appointment.) and


Education: Successful completion of six semester units of paralegal or undergraduate legal courses, with at least three units of which must be in legal research. (Candidates who have completed three semester units of paralegal course work necessary to fulfill the education requirements will be admitted to the examination, but they must submit evidence of completion of the required six units before they can be considered for appointment.)



Experience: Two years of experience performing paralegal duties in a law firm, corporate law office, governmental or public law office, nonprofit organization, educational institution, court, or other entity under the direction and supervision of a licensed attorney or judicial officer. and


Education: Twelve semester units in a legal or paralegal curriculum or equivalent to graduation from college.

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of: Basic legal concepts, terminology, principles, and procedures; use of legal reference materials; and role of a paralegal staff in a legal office.


Ability to: Reason logically and accurately analyze situations; read effectively; prepare reports and summary sheets which set forth the statement of facts, applications of relevant law, and conclusions; read and understand statutes; prepare drafts of pleading; draft litigation discovery documents, such as interrogatories and motions; and work cooperatively with attorneys and members of the support staff.

Additional Desirable Qualification

Evidence of continuing education, such as additional paralegal or legal course work.

  Updated: 6/3/2012
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