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ABOLISHED 01/15/2019 PER PAY LETTER 19-04 - Budget Technician I Series

Budget Technician I Series

California State Personnel Board Specification

Series established March 19, 1981


This series specification describes two Budget Technician classes used to perform various subsidiary budget management work in the Department of Finance and in departmental budget sections.


Work assignments include performing subsidiary budget management work involving: review and analysis of documents relative to the preparation and enactment of departmental budgets; review and analysis of documents for controlling departmental budget expenditures; and assisting in preparation of the Governor's Budget.


Budget Technician I Series Specification - Class Titles and Codes
Schem CodeClass CodeClass
LF405221Budget Technician I (Abolished 01/15/2019 per Pay Letter 19-04)
LF425222Budget Technician II (Abolished 07/06/2017 per Pay Letter 17-25)

Definition of Series

At the Department of Finance

Persons in these classes may review and analyze computer printouts of departmental expenditures for the past, current and budget fiscal year; analyze computer printouts enumerating budgeted positions for a department; analyze the salary and wages supplement; analyze and write hearing notes; develop documents incorporating changes to a departmental budget agreed upon during legislative budget hearings; review and analyze Personal Services Contracts; review and approve budget revisions and other position change documents submitted by departments; write correspondence, review and process budgets and related documents during preparation, enactment, and administration phases of the budget, and do other related work.

At Other Agencies

Persons in these classes may maintain budget revision control; analyze and prepare out-of-State travel requests; coordinate CFIS performance input; prepare transfer of budget allotment documents; develop and/or analyze various position control documents; under direction, prepare portions of department budget documents for submission to the Department of Finance; analyze new personnel requests; and do other related work.

Entry Level

Entry into this series is typically at the class of Budget Technician I.

Factors Affecting Position Allocation

Complexity of work assigned; supervision received; and leadership exercised.

Definition of Levels

Budget Technician I

This is the training and first journeyperson level for the series. Under supervision, incumbents perform subsidiary work of average difficulty in reviewing, analyzing and controlling departmental budget expenditures for the past, current and forthcoming fiscal years.

Budget Technician II

This is the lead and advanced journeyperson level for the series. Under direction, incumbents either: (1) supervise or lead a small group of clerks and/or Budget Technicians I; or (2) perform the more complex subsidiary budget management work which may include full responsibility for a less sensitive departmental budget.

Minimum Qualifications

Budget Technician I

Either I


One year of work experience performing general office work.



Completion of two years of college may be substituted for the work experience.

Budget Technician II

Either I


One year of experience performing the duties of a Budget Technician I, Range B.



Two years of experience involving developing, maintaining and auditing budget information for a private business.



Two years of experience involving writing or editing of original correspondence or materials for reports, including arithmetical computations and reviewing of computer printouts equivalent to that of a Budget Technician.

Knowledge and Abilities

Budget Technician I

Knowledge of: arithmetic, grammar, and spelling.


Ability to: analyze written and numerical data accurately; follow oral and written instructions; interpret computer printouts; clear and concise expression and oral presentations; write reports and correspondence.

Budget Technician II

Knowledge of: all of the above; principles and practices of the civil service budgetary process.


Ability to: all of the above, and accept increasing responsibility for accuracy and thoroughness in performance of tasks; work effectively with others; perform analytical evaluations and computations.

Additional Desirable Qualifications

All Levels:

Education equivalent to the twelfth grade.

Class History

Budget Technician I Series History - Dates Established, Revised, and Title Changed
ClassDate EstablishedDate RevisedTitle Changed
Budget Technician I03/19/1981----
Budget Technician II03/19/1981----
  Updated: 2/1/2019
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