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American Indian Education Series

American Indian Education Series

California State Personnel Board Specification

Series established May 25, 1978


This series specification describes two levels of positions responsible for planning, developing, administering and evaluating statewide elementary and secondary American Indian Education programs in California.


American Indian Education Series Specification - Class Titles and Codes
Schem CodeClass CodeClass
FG662718American Indian Education Assistant (Abolished 01/07/2016 per Pay Letter 16-05)
FG652719American Indian Education Consultant

Definition of Series

Persons in these classes develop, promote and assist in establishing American Indian Education programs at the local level while disseminating and promulgating desirable practices for the education of all school children on a statewide basis. They consult with and advise county offices of education and district school administrators, education program directors, teachers, parents and others regarding State and Federal policies, laws, rules, and regulations with respect to American Indian Education programs and facilities; provide guidance to applicants for funds and in the development of programs; review and process project applications for recommendations to the State Board of Education; provide guidance regarding approved accounting systems and fiscal practices that relate to funding and operation of programs; assist in developing programs for parent involvement, participation and education; recommend and prepare appropriate manuals, bulletins, and teaching materials on curricular, instructional supervisory, and administrative problems relating to American Indian Education programs; coordinate and conduct conferences, workshops, statewide and regional committees, study groups, and teachers' in service training programs to implement and encourage courses of study, collect data concerning existing and proposed American Indian Education programs, evaluate their effectiveness and prepare reports and evaluations, work with other programs for replication; direct visits to operational projects and prepare reports and evaluations; work with other program units such as Early Childhood Education, Regional Service Teams, and others within the Department of Education to determine resource availability on education programs; and do other related work.

Factors Affecting Position Allocation

Scope and level of responsibilities assigned; complexity of work; independence of action; level and scope of responsibility of program, policy development and implementation; impact of decision making on statewide programs; and degree of supervisory responsibility.

Definition of Levels

American Indian Education Assistant

This is the entry and first journey level in the series. Under the general supervision of an Administrator, incumbents carry out administrative assignments, consultation and assistance to local administrators of American Indian Education programs in less complex or sensitive phases of the program; monitor program components, prepare reports and make recommendations for improving project effectiveness or on funding of agencies. Incumbents may also work under the lead of a Consultant.

American Indian Education Consultant

This is the full journey level in the series. The consultant serves as a departmental spokesperson on American Indian Education in geographic area, or serves as a statewide specialist for particular education program components. Consultants provide leadership and training to incumbents in the lower level class in the series and have general responsibility for all activities in their geographic, subject-matter or functional area. They provide coordination and liaison among various private, State and other public agencies which provide services to school children; evaluate curricula for use in American Indian programs; review recommendations of lower staff related to applications for funding, site and facilities inspections and decide what action is to be taken; participate in developing the annual work plan as part of the program budget; direct the monitor and review team visits; and perform the more difficult, sensitive and complex program formulation, analysis, implementation, administrative and assessment activities.

Minimum Qualifications

Credential Requirements

All Levels:

Possession of a valid credential or permit authorizing public school service in California. (Applicants who do not possess the required credential or permit will be admitted to the examination, but must secure the credential or permit before they will be considered eligible for appointment.) (A Master's Degree or equivalent in Education may be substituted for the credential requirement at any level.)

American Indian Education Assistant

Possession of a valid teaching credential or multiple or single subjects credential with cross-cultural emphasis or credential of equivalent authorization.

American Indian Education Consultant

Possession of a valid administration credential or credential or life diploma of equivalent authorization. (One year of experience in the California Department of Education performing the duties of a professional education class at a level equivalent to the class of American Indian Education Assistant, Range B, or higher may be substituted for the required credential. Experience used in this manner to meet the credential requirement must be in addition to that used to meet the general experience requirement.)

Experience Requirements

All Levels:

1. Experience applicable to one of the following patterns may be combined on a proportional basis with experience applicable to the other to meet the total experience requirement.


2. Experience in California state service applied toward the general experience pattern must include the same number of years of qualifying experience as required in the promotional pattern performing the duties of a class with a level of responsibility equivalent to that described in the promotional experience pattern.

American Indian Education Assistant

Two years of experience as a teacher in elementary or secondary education. and One year of administrative, supervisory, or equivalent staff level experience in education. (At least one year of the above must have included experience in instruction or curriculum design of educational opportunity programs for American Indians.)

American Indian Education Consultant

Either I


One year of experience in California state service performing American Indian Education duties of a class with a level of responsibility not less than that of American Indian Education Assistant, Range B.



Two years of administrative, supervisory or equivalent staff level experience in education which shall have developed in the applicant a comprehensive knowledge of, and competence in American Indian Education. (Experience on the academic staff of a college or university in a field related to American Indian Education may be substituted for one year of the required experience on a year-for-year basis.)

Knowledge and Abilities

All Levels:

Knowledge of: Modern principles, trends, and practices in American Indian Education; Compensatory Educational Programs for children from varied social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds; growth and development patterns and problems of school children; current developments and research in American Indian Education literature and other instructional materials in the field; functions and purposes of Federal, State and local public teaching programs for children, provisions of Federal legislation, the Education Code and regulations of the State Board of Education pertaining to American Indian and Compensatory Education.


Ability to: Demonstrate effective classroom procedures; establish and maintain cooperative relations with persons contacted in the course of the work; communicate effectively with individuals of various ethnic backgrounds; analyze situations accurately and take effective action; assume leadership in the formulation, administration and evaluation of education programs in the field of American Indian Education; do complex analytical research studies; present ideas clearly and concisely; conduct conferences, workshops, and teachers' institutes.

American Indian Education Consultant

Ability to: All of the above, and plan, direct and coordinate activities among various private, State, and other public agencies; and to provide leadership and training to lower level personnel in the program.

Special Personal Requirement

All Levels:

Willingness to travel throughout the State.

Class History

American Indian Education Series History - Dates Established, Revised, and Title Changed
ClassDate EstablishedDate RevisedTitle Changed
American Indian Education Assistant05/25/197811/03/1993--
American Indian Education Consultant05/25/197811/03/1993--
  Updated: 6/9/2016
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