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ABOLISHED 05/07/2015 PER PAY LETTER 15-16 - Vocational Education Supervisor, Correctional Program (2557)

ABOLISHED 05/07/2015 PER PAY LETTER 15-16 - Vocational Education Supervisor, Correctional Program

California State Personnel Board Specification

  • Schematic Code: EN30
  • Class Code: 2557
  • Established: 01/23/1985
  • Revised: --
  • Title Changed: --


Under direction, in the Department of the Youth Authority, Education Services Unit, to plan, organize, develop, coordinate and evaluate a departmentwide vocational education program; to serve as the departmental representative in contacts with Federal and State agencies and institution administrators regarding vocational education programs; to provide leadership, technical assistance and consultation concerning vocational education in a correctional environment; and to do other related work.

Typical Tasks

Plans, coordinates and assesses the overall direction of institution vocational education programs; establishes or substantively recommends departmental policy concerning vocational education programs; evaluates the effectiveness of such programs and recommends appropriate action; develops in-service education and training programs; promotes and publicizes the correctional vocational education programs to industry, other educators and the public; develops new programs and alternative funding sources; organizes, coordinates and provides direction to a departmental Vocational Education Advisory Committee; conducts needs assessments and assists in budget preparation and justification; directs the development of employability skills programs in the institutions; consults with institution administrators concerning new, existing or expanding vocational programs; chairs or serves on departmental or interdepartmental task forces; serves as liaison with the Department of Education, other State, Federal and local governmental agencies, public schools and the private sector concerning correctional vocational education matters; administers, monitors and audits Vocational Education Act funds and projects within the Department; prepares necessary correspondence and reports.

Minimum Qualifications

Possession of a valid administrative services credential or a credential of equivalent authorization issued by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing. and Possession of a valid standard designated subjects credential in vocational education or a credential of equivalent authorization issued by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing. [Applicants who do not possess (are in the process of securing) the required credentials will be admitted to the examination, but must secure the appropriate credentials before they will be considered eligible for appointment.] and Either I Experience: One year of experience in California state service performing supervisory duties comparable to Supervisor of Vocational Instruction.



Two years of teaching experience in an organized vocational education program; and two years of experience as a supervisor or administrator in an organized vocational education program. (Experience in California state service applied toward this requirement must be performing supervisory duties comparable to those of Supervisor of Vocational Instruction.)

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of: Principles, practices and trends of vocational education and administration; modern vocational teaching theory and practice; problems involved in teaching wards in correctional institution vocational education programs; vocational subjects and their place and value in a rehabilitative educational program; Federal vocational education grants and procedures; principles and techniques of vocational counseling; attitudes, problems and behavior of wards in correctional institutions; modern principles and practices of correctional administration; principles of effective supervision; methods of budget preparation and procurement procedures; job development techniques; labor market information sources and systems; the Department's affirmative action objectives; a manager's role in the Affirmative Action Program and the processes available to meet affirmative action objectives; the administration of collective bargaining agreements and grievance handling; the principles of the Department's labor management relations policies.


Ability to: Plan, coordinate and administer the Department's vocational education programs; apply the principles, practices and trends of vocational education and administration to the the Department's vocational education programs; develop courses of study adapted to the vocational needs of institution wards; gain the interest and secure the cooperation of governmental agencies and the private sector in vocational training programs; secure the respect and cooperation of administrators, staff and wards; analyze situations and data accurately and take effective action; communicate effectively; develop industry and business support of vocational programs; work effectively with community-based organizations; establish and provide appropriate inservice training programs for vocational staff; effectively represent the Department's position in collective bargaining agreements; interpret and apply collective bargaining agreements and effectively respond to employee grievances; effectively contribute to the Department's affirmative action objectives.

  Updated: 9/13/2017
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