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ABOLISHED 06/04/2015 PER PAY LETTER 15-17 - Baker I (Correctional Facility) (2224)

ABOLISHED 06/04/2015 PER PAY LETTER 15-17 - Baker I (Correctional Facility)

California State Personnel Board Specification

  • Schematic Code: DJ95
  • Class Code: 2224
  • Established: 07/23/1975
  • Revised: 07/11/1979
  • Title Changed: --


Under direction in a State correctional facility in the Department of Corrections or Department of the Youth Authority, to perform skilled bakery work in the production of a large quantity and variety of bakery products; to clean and maintain baking equipment, supplies, and work areas; to maintain order and supervise the conduct of inmates, wards, residents, or patients; to protect and maintain the safety of persons and property; may instruct, lead or supervise inmates, wards or resident workers; and do other related work.

Typical Tasks

Weighs and sifts flour, mixes dough, adds shortening, yeast, leavening agents, seasoning, and water or milk in the preparation and baking of bread, rolls, cookies, pies, cakes, and other bakery products; may prepare frozen and other desserts; prepares fruits, fillings, and icings; cleans and maintains bakery equipment, utensils, and premises; maintains standards of safety and sanitation; operates bakery machinery; may supervise and work with employees and helpers from the resident population; keeps records and makes reports; assists in receiving, storing, and accounting for bakery supplies; may act for a Baker II (Correctional Facility) in his/her absence; maintains order and supervises the conduct of persons committed to the Departments of Corrections and the Youth Authority; prevents escapes and injury by these persons to themselves or others or to property; maintains security of working areas and work materials; inspects premises and searches inmates, wards, residents, or patients for contraband, such as weapons or illegal drugs.

Minimum Qualifications

One year of experience in bread, bench, and oven baking and dough mixing.

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of: Methods and practices used in the large-scale preparation of bakery products and desserts; use and maintenance of bakery equipment and utensils; chemistry of baking and fermentation; bakery sanitation and safety.


Skill in: Baking bread, rolls, and pastries. Ability to: Use and maintain bakery equipment and utensils; follow and adapt formulas; direct the work of others; analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action; keep records and make reports; follow directions; read and write at a level appropriate to the classification.

Special Personal Characteristics

Sympathetic understanding of and willingness to work with the resident population of a State correctional facility; personal cleanliness; and freedom from communicable diseases.

Special Physical Characteristics

Persons appointed to positions in this class must be reasonably expected to have and maintain sufficient strength, agility, and endurance to perform during stressful (physical, mental, and emotional) situations encountered on the job without compromising their health and well-being or that of their fellow employees or that of inmates.


Assignments during tour of duty may include sole responsibility for the supervision of inmates and/or the protection of personal and real property.

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