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ABOLISHED 03/05/2015 PER PAY LETTER 15-11A - Service Assistant (Laundry) (2124)

ABOLISHED 03/05/2015 PER PAY LETTER 15-11A - Service Assistant (Laundry)

California State Personnel Board Specification

  • Schematic Code: DG70
  • Class Code: 2124
  • Established: 06/22/1978
  • Revised: 01/19/1983
  • Title Changed: --


Under close supervision, to learn and perform duties and operations related to the washing and finishing of laundry in a State institution; and to do other related work.

Job Characteristics

The class of Service Assistant (Laundry) is designed to provide on- the-job experience for persons who have successfully completed a training program in laundry services. Experience in this class is qualifying for advancement to either Laundry Worker Assistant or Launderer Assistant.


While it is anticipated that most employees in this class will promote, a limited number of positions may be permanently allocated to this class. When this occurs, incumbents are assigned the less difficult or more restrictive range of duties associated with the service assistant level. Employees remaining in the class of Service Assistant (Laundry) are expected to have successfully completed their on-the-job training and to perform work which meets established performance standards for the class.

Typical Tasks

Checks, sorts, marks, folds, and distributes wearing apparel and flatwork before and after laundering; shakes out flatwork; feeds laundry into flatwork ironers; operates washers, extractors, tumblers; prepares washing solution; cleans work areas.

Minimum Qualifications

Either I


Three months of experience as a trainee in general laundry work in the California state service.



Successful completion of a formal training or work experience program in laundry services. This work experience training program must have been in either:


1. A setting recognized or sponsored by the California Department of Rehabilitation; or


2. A program such as those under the Career Opportunities Development (COD), Work Incentive Program (WIN), or similar Federal, State or local programs.

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of: Basic methods, equipment, safety and sanitation practices used in laundry work.


Ability to: Learn and perform institutional laundry work, including the safe use and care of equipment, supplies, and work areas; follow directions; demonstrate acceptable work habits and meet production standards.

  Updated: 9/5/2017
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