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ABOLISHED 07/02/2014 PER PAY LETTER 14-11 - Custodian, Limited Service (2017)

ABOLISHED 07/02/2014 PER PAY LETTER 14-11 - Custodian, Limited Service

California State Personnel Board Specification

  • Schematic Code: DC50
  • Class Code: 2017
  • Established: 01/24/1936
  • Revised: 07/20/2004
  • Title Changed: 07/20/2004


Under supervision, to keep an assigned office or building space clean and orderly; and to do other related work.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Employees in this class have a permanent physical impairment which affects their techniques of work performance. Duties are assigned in keeping with good safety practices to utilize most effectively the particular skills of the worker. Due to their physical limitations, individual workers are often relatively specialized within their class as compared to workers without physical impairment. Special working aids may be used and the tasks adapted to the type of individual impairment. Work done is expected to be of the same general quantity and quality as that of nonimpaired workers.


General service examinations do not make allowance for special aids or an adjustment of test material to the physically impaired candidates as, for example, provision of a reader for blind candidates. Tests for limited-service classes are adapted to the physical limitations of candidates.

Typical Tasks

As a physically impaired worker, demonstrates to employers, other employees, and the public an ability to perform janitorial and related work comparable to that required of a nonimpaired worker; cooperates with supervisors and other employees in developing and installing special work procedures to compensate for workers' physical handicaps; sweeps, scrubs, and oils floors; vacuums rugs and carpets; dusts and polishes furniture and woodwork; empties and cleans waste receptacles; washes windows and walls; polishes metalwork; assists in moving and arranging office furniture and equipment; turns out lights and locks doors and windows; takes care of equipment and materials used in the work; and occasionally operates a freight or passenger elevator.

Minimum Qualifications

A permanent physical impairment of such degree as to impose substantial limitations of employment opportunities. One year of experience in janitorial work.

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of: Methods, materials, and equipment used in janitorial work.


Ability to: Understand and carry out directions; and compensate for a physical impairment in performing janitorial work.

Special Personal Characteristics

Willingness to work at night; such health and physical condition as is necessary for the effective performance of the assigned work without hazard to self or other persons.

  Updated: 9/20/2017
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