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ABOLISHED 04/16/2015 PER PAY LETTER 15-13 - Fire Control Aid (1072)

ABOLISHED 04/16/2015 PER PAY LETTER 15-13 - Fire Control Aid

California State Personnel Board Specification

  • Schematic Code: BZ85
  • Class Code: 1072
  • Established: 10/20/1971
  • Revised: 04/20/1993
  • Title Changed: --


Under supervision, as a member of a fire crew, to perform fire-fighting duties and assist in the operation of fire apparatus during wildland and structural fire-fighting operations; assist in building, ground, and equipment mainte- nance and repair; assist in fire prevention tasks; and to do other related work.

Job Characteristics

The class Fire Control Aid is used to provide persons with an opportunity to train for careers in fire protection with the Department of Conservation. While in the class Fire Control Aid, incumbents will perform meaningful work of increasing complexity and with increasing independence that will enable them to qualify for existing higher level classes. Incumbents are expected to demonstrate rapid progress in learning the fundamentals of the job and demonstrate the ability to progress to higher levels in the series in order to continue their employment. For this reason, failure to promote to fire Fighter, C.D.F., or Fire Apparatus Engineer within 18 months will be considered evidence of unsatisfactory progress.

Typical Tasks

As a member of a fire crew, fights fires using tools and equipment such as shovel, axe, McLeod, Pulaski, and back pump; assists in the operation of fire apparatus such as pumper or water tank trucks, or portable equipment in connection with extinguishing wildland, structural, and other fires; clears trails and cuts brush; inspects, cleans and repairs fire hose and equipment, sharpens fire tools, paints equipment and buildings and performs semiskilled or laboring construction work; performs general station housekeeping and kitchen duties; assists in the fire law inspections and fire prevention programs; may assist in the training of seasonal and volunteer fire fighters.


As a learner, receives technical on-the-job training on operation and mainte- nance of fire suppression equipment; learns forest and fire laws, fire preven- tion techniques, and the use of maps, radios, and other allied equipment.

Minimum Qualifications

Three months of experience performing duties comparable to those of a Fire Fighter (Seasonal). and Satisfactory completion of a formal training program in fire suppression comparable to that given by the Department of Forestry. (Persons enrolled in a training program may compete in the examination but will not be eligible for appointment until they complete the training program.)

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of: Basic fire-fighting techniques and procedures; safety; fire control terminology; proper use of tools and equipment.


Ability to: Learn to operate fire suppression equipment; learn forest and fire laws; do heavy physical work; follow directions; exercise good judgment in hazardous fire suppression activity; live in a fire station compatibly with others.

Special Personal Characteristics

Willingness to live and work in remote areas and on weekends and holidays, and to remain on duty 24 hours a day, as required; visual acuity, color vision and hearing sufficient to perform the assigned duties; physical strength, dexterity and agility necessary to perform the duties of the position.

Additional Desirable Qualification

Possession of a valid California driver license of the appropriate class issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

  Updated: 8/29/2017
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