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ABOLISHED 04/19/2017 PER PAY LETTER 17-19 - Fire Prevention Officer Series

ABOLISHED 04/19/2017 PER PAY LETTER 17-19 - Fire Prevention Officer Series

California State Personnel Board Specification

Series established July 1, 1973


This series specification describes two Fire Prevention Officer classes used in the California Department of Forestry.


Fire Prevention Officer Series Specification - Class Titles and Codes
Schem CodeClass CodeClass
BY401047Fire Prevention Officer I (abolished 04/19/2017 per Pay Letter 17-19)
BY201049Fire Prevention Officer II (abolished 04/19/2017 per Pay Letter 17-19)

Definition of Series

Under direction, Fire Prevention Officers administer and coordinate, primarily as staff officers at various organization-levels of the Department, one or more fire prevention activities. These assignments involve analysis, planning, and supervision of other Department personnel performing prevention tasks, and in dealing directly with the public as specialists in the field of public information, conservation, and fire prevention education, engineering, and enforcement of fire prevention and explosives statues and regulations. When full fire protection services are provided under contract with local levels of government, Fire Prevention Officers may also perform fire marshals' duties in enforcement of the California Administrative Code, Titles 19 and 25, and provisions of the Uniform Fire Code when adopted locally. Upon request, Fire Prevention Officers normally will conduct internal security investigations for the State Forester. All Fire Prevention Officers are peace officers, and those assigned to the Arson Investigation Unit are subject to frequent statewide enforcement duties and travel as members of special investigation teams.

Entry Levels

Entry into this series is typically from the class of Fire Captain. The Forestry Graduate Trainee program also provides preparation for promotional entry.

Factors Affecting Position Allocation

Difficulty of assignments, complexity, and variety of work, geographic area of responsibility, independence of action and decision.

Definition of Levels

Positions in this series differ from positions in the class of Fire Captain who perform fire prevention duties by the complexity of assignment, geographic area of responsibility, and degree of independence of action and responsibility.

Fire Prevention Officer I

Fire Prevention Officers I are assigned to perform the more technical fire prevention tasks in the areas of information, education, engineering and enforcement, and either: to (1) supervise subordinates performing contractual fire prevention services for local government, or (2) coordinate the development and execution of the ranger unit fire prevention plan among organizational subunits and supervise fire information teams and investigation teams.

Fire Prevention Officer II

Fire Prevention Officers II are assigned either (1) in region headquarters to supervise on or more regionwide prevention activities, or (2) in Department headquarters to either be in charge of fire prevention and peace officer training or a staff specialist providing technical assistance to statewide program administration.

Minimum Qualifications

Fire Prevention Officer I

Either I


Three years of experience in the California state service performing the duties of a Fire Captain or Fire Crew Supervisor, one year of which must have�included full-time experience as a fire prevention specialist.



One year of experience in the California state service performing the duties of a Junior Forester including a six-month assignment in fire prevention work. (Employment as a Junior Forester will admit applicants to the examination but they must complete the required one year of experience including the six months of specialized experience before they can be appointed.)



Experience: Two years of experience in fire prevention, public information, law enforcement work, or related occupational fields. (Experience in the California state service applied toward this requirement must have been in a class comparable in level to Forestry Graduate Trainee.) and


Education: Equivalent to graduation from college. (Additional qualifying experience may be substituted for up to two years of the required education on a year-for-year basis.)

Fire Prevention Officer II

Two years of experience in the California state service performing duties comparable to that of a Fire Prevention Officer I. (Experience in the California state service in classes comparable to State Forest Ranger I or Forester I may be applied toward this requirement if such experience included two years of full-time experience as a peace officer.)

Knowledge and Abilities

Fire Prevention Officer I

Knowledge of: Organization, methods, and equipment necessary to prevent forest and other fires; State Forest and Fire Laws and methods of enforcement; court procedures, laws of arrest, search and seizure, rules of evidence, identification and preservation of evidence; fire hazard reduction methods; basic techniques and methods of team teaching; principles, methods, and terminology of forest resources and wildland management and conservation as practice in California; principles and techniques of personnel and supervision; laws pertaining to the use of weapons by peace officers and range and safety regulations; basic principles of photography (color, black and white), fingerprinting, chemistry and physics of fire relative to its ignition and initial spread, characteristics of vegetation and structural materials under varying degrees of fire intensity and duration; audio-visual and multimedia techniques and methods of public education applicable to fire prevention and fire information programs; fire safety standards applicable to habitation development in wildland and of the fire marshal's regulations on fire and life safety, building standards applicable to mobile home park development in wildland and rural areas; basic mathematics, forestry and police radio communications systems and codes; departmental and State of California affirmative action and upward mobility programs and goals.


Ability to: Coordinate the work of others; read maps and charts; prepare clear and concise reports and keep simple records; give talks and work effectively with individuals and groups; organize and conduct training, fire prevention, and conservation education programs; make simple arithmetical calculations and compute averages and percentages; conduct an effective law enforcement program; plan and produce exhibits, displays, roadside signs and demonstrations; participate in and assist in the direction of fire prevention research projects; supervise the work of enforcement teams; develop and conduct group training in fire prevention and conservation; conduct on-the-job training for individual employees in specific enforcement techniques; use of special equipment; work harmoniously with other law enforcement authorities and physically apprehend violators when appropriate and safely transport such persons; make high-quality inspections for compliance with the various fire prevention statutes and regulations; establish and maintain fixed and moving surveillance of fire law violators without being detected; conduct effective interviews of witnesses and interrogation of suspects; examine a fire on the scene and with all available evidence determine fire cause, location or origin, and casual agent; use 35mm and 4X5�still cameras with assorted lenses and filters to produce high-quality photography of fire scenes for evidence and for publication.

Fire Prevention Officer II

Knowledge of: All of the above, and sufficient knowledge of the law of torts to review fire investigation reports and to determine if liability exists and can be recovered by appropriate civil procedures; small claims and municipal court procedures for recovery of fire suppression costs; litigation reporting procedures; fire cost accounting methods; laws governing arson and fire suppression cost recovery; budgeting and purchasing necessary for program support; command procedures for organization and operation of fire information or investigation teams on campaign fires or major disasters; safety practices applicable to enforcement techniques, basic statistical methods for program analysis and planning; basic personnel management and supervision.


Ability to: All of the above, and demonstrated ability to train and coordinate the work of specialists and line personnel in all aspects of fire prevention and to assume command of and organize and direct the work of specialist teams in fire information and patrol or investigation during emergency operations; prepare comprehensive fire suppression cost recovery litigation and criminal case reports.

Special Personal Characteristics

Both Levels:

For areas where structural fire fighting is an integral part of the duties, the individual should possess color vision and visual acuity sufficient to perform the duties of the position.

Fire Prevention Officer I

Willingness to: Work long and irregular hours; work in remote parts of the State; work on Sundays and holidays; remain on duty 24 hours a day as required, restricted to duty assignment; accept increasing responsibility; neat personal appearance; emotional stability and physical stamina sufficient to perform the duties of the position.

Additional Requirements

Both Levels:

Maximum age requirement for participation in open examination: 31 years.

Fire Prevention Officer I

Incumbent requires successful completion of a basic peace officer's training course prior to gaining permanent status. (Applicants who have not completed the required course will be admitted to the examination, but they must successfully complete the required course before they can be considered eligible for permanent status.)

Additional Desirable Qualification

Both Levels:

Possession of a valid California driver license of the appropriate class issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Class History

Fire Prevention Officer Series History - Dates Established, Revised, and Title Changed
ClassDate EstablishedDate RevisedTitle Changed
Fire Prevention Officer I07/07/196604/20/199307/01/1973
Fire Prevention Officer II07/07/196604/20/199307/01/1973
  Updated: 7/18/2017
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