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Instructions For Fillable PDF Forms

​​​​​​​​​​Are you having difficulty with fillable PDF forms?

Fillable PDF forms must be opened and filled using Acrobat DC. Browsers such as Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer are not com​​patible with these dynamic forms.



In the example to follow, we will open the  Overtime Distribution Form. The document used in this example is specific to the Bargaining Unit 12 7/1/2021 to 6/30/2023 MOU, but these steps are applicable to all fillable forms made available on this site.​

Step 1 - Your PC Settings

Click your Start button, type “File Associations” and then click to select “Choose a default app for each type of file.” In the window that appears, scroll down to ".pdf"  and verify that "Adobe Acrobat DC" is selected. Once this step is completed, your screen will look similar to the image below.

PDF Viewer Settings.png

​​​​Step 2 - Downloading The File

Open the file by clicking​ on the PDF hyperlink.Example File Link.PNGAn error message may appear when the file opens. This is normal and will not impact the steps to follow. When the file has opened, click the e"Save" icon on the PDF’s browser tab and save the PDF to your local drive or OneDrive. Navigate to the location you saved the file to and double-click to open it – it will open in Acrobat DC

Saving a Fillable Form.PNG

Step 3 - Completing The Form

​​You can now fill out the form (in Acrobat), and when you click Save As, a new PDF file will be saved that includes your filled information.​ Please note - once someone has digitally signed a PDF using the “Fill and Sign” method, that PDF can no longer be edited or its fields filled out.  

Viewing the Saved Fillable Form.PNG

  Updated: 8/31/2022
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