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Merit Award Board Members

The Merit Award Board consists of five members who are responsible for reviewing suggestions:

  • Adopted by more than one state agency;
  • When cash awards will be greater than $5,000; or
  • When there is disagreement between the Suggester and state agency which cannot be resolved by the agency or Merit Award Program.

The Board members make their recommendations to the Director of CalHR through the Staff to the Board. Awards over $5,000 are submitted to the Legislature for subsequent approval.   

Board Members


  • Nicole Griffith
    Chief, Benefits Division
    California Department of Human Resources


  • Mary Halterman, Principal Program Budget Analyst
    Employee Compensation Unit
    Department of Finance
  • Kimberly A. Malm, Division Chief
    Operations Support Services Division
    Public Employees Retirement System (PERS)
  • Sara Sepulveda, Manager
    Employee and Administrative Services Unit
    Department of Motor Vehicles​
  • Lucinda Ward, Division Vice President
    Vision Service Plan (VSP)
    Public Member

Staff to the Board

  Updated: 8/2/2019
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