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Employment Eligibility After a Dismissal from State Service

​Employment Eligibility After a Dismissal from State Service

California Code of Regulations, title 2, section 211, requires that individuals who have been dismissed from state service obtain approval from the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) prior to participating in state civil service examinations. This is known as the 211 request process.

Approval is based on the type of examination/classification for which the individual wishes to apply, the circumstances surrounding the dismissal, any pattern of successful employment after the dismissal, improved behavior, acceptance of responsibility, demonstration of readiness to resume state employment, information from the dismissing department, and any other relevant information. If an individual does not obtain approval from CalHR before taking an examination and returning to state service, that individual's new appointment may be voided as unlawful.

Required Information

Individuals must submit a written request to CalHR accompanied by a completed STD. 678 Examination/Employment Application at least five (5) working days prior to the final filing date of the examination(s) in which he/she wishes to participate. The written request must include information clearly identifying the facts, circumstances, and reasons that support the individual's request to take the examination(s), including, but not limited to:

  • Date of dismissal

  • Reasons for the dismissal

  • Reasons why the dismissed employee should be permitted to take the examination(s)

  • Substantiation of corrected behavior

  • Letters of recommendation

  • Employment performance evaluations

  • STD. 678 Examination/Employment Application

  • Other material and/or declarations to support the request

If the dismissal is currently pending an appeal with the State Personnel Board (SPB), the individual should include this information with the request. Incomplete packages will be returned unprocessed; however, the individual may resubmit requests.

All requests and questions regarding the 211 request process should be directed to the Personnel Management Division main line at 916-324-9381 or in writing to:

California Department of Human Resources
Personnel Management Division
1515 S Street, North Bldg., 5th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95811


When the 211 request is received, CalHR conducts a thorough review and works in conjunction with the dismissing department. CalHR will send a letter of acknowledgement to the individual within 30 days after receipt of the 211 request. An incomplete letter and informational brochure will be sent to individuals whose requests are incomplete and unprocessed.


CalHR strives to address and resolve every issue in a timely manner; however, complex cases could take several months. CalHR will make every effort to keep individuals apprised of the status of their request.

Approval or Denial

If CalHR approves the 211 request, the individual should provide a copy of the determination letter along with the application(s) to examine as proof of examination eligibility when applying for the relevant exam(s).

If the 211 request is denied, CalHR will notify the individual via certified mail. The individual may appeal CalHR’s decision to SPB within 30 days of receipt of the determination letter. The SPB Appeal/Complaint Form, copy of the determination letter, and any other supporting documentation should be sent to:

State Personnel Board
Attn: Appeals Division
801 Capitol Mall, #MS-22
Sacramento, CA 95814

For any questions regarding the appeal process, please contact the Appeals Division at (916) 653-0799 or TTY (916) 653-1498.

  Updated: 5/31/2018
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