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Workers' Compensation Subrogation (November 2018)

​​Workers' Compensation Subrogation (November 2018)


  1. Can request a report of all open subrogation files by contacting Assistant Subrogation Manager, Shubi Buberwa at

  2. Contact subrogation specialist or attorney directly to discuss complex or sensitive cases.
    a.  Set mutual date for follow up.

  3. Make every reasonable effort to preserve identified evidence.

  4. Provide requested IDL or 4800 time gross figures.

  5. Provide designated subrogation contact person and address to CalHR.

State Fund

  1. Provide open subrogation report with assigned specialist upon request.

  2. Provide supervisor contact information.

  3. Identify evidence that needs to be preserved and contact department.

  4. Request paid amounts of IDL or 4800 time directly from the department.

  5. Attorneys should consider the needs of the department when selecting and scheduling witnesses for trial. Contact key witnesses ASAP to confirm availability and relevant testimony. Connect with the witnesses to prepare them for trial, and subpoena all necessary witnesses.


  Updated: 10/3/2017
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