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Savings Plus Employer Training

​Savings Plus Employer Training

Savings Plus offers three different classes for personnel transactions staff/supervisors, attendance clerks and all other staff working in personnel offices that provide benefit information to State employees.  Visit the Savings Plus Registration Page​ to view a list of currently scheduled workshops.

Overview of Savings Plus

• Main Plan - 457 and 401(k)
• Difference between the two plans
• Enrollment
• Education and outreach resources

Part Time, Seasonal, and Temporary Retirement – (PST)

• PST eligibility
• PST to ARP transition
• Common errors
• Resources

Alternate Retirement Plan – (ARP)

• ARP phases 1 - 3
• ARP eligibility
• ARP miss-appointments
• ARP timelines
• Tools and information for HR staff
• Q and A

Lump Sum Separation for Employees

• Discover advantages of transferring lump sum to your Savings Plus account
• Find out how to use Lump Sum with Catch-Up
• Find out how to coordinate your CalPERS service credit using your lump sum deposit
• Take advantage of onsite assistance with your lump sum application

New Employee Orientation – (NEO)

• Plan Basics/Enrollment

Underfunded Savings Plus Accounts

• PML 2011-042
• PML 2012-012
  Updated: 8/9/2012
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