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About Exempt Appointments

California's State Constitution provides that members of boards and commissions, appointees of the Governor, and one appointee of each Governor's appointee shall be exempt from civil service.  Exempts serve at the pleasure of the Governor.


Authority for all appointments are found in the Constitution. The following are the authority explanations (lettering coincides with that of the Constitution):


(a) Legislative officers and employees.
(b) Judicial Branch officers and employees.
(c) Elected officials plus a deputy and an employee selected by each elected officer.
(d) Members of boards and commissions.
(e) A deputy or employee selected by each board or commission.
(f) State officers appointed by the Governor or the Lieutenant Governor.
(g) A deputy or employee selected by each officer under Section 4(f).
(h) University of California and California State College officers and employees.
(i) Teaching staff of schools under Department of Education — or Superintendent of  Public Instruction Jurisdiction.
(j) Member, inmate, and patient help in State homes, charitable or correctional institutions, and State facilities for mentally ill or retarded persons.
(k) Members of the militia while engaged in military service.
(l) District agricultural association officers and employees, employed less than six months in a calendar year.
(m) In addition, the Attorney General may appoint or employ six deputies or employees, the Public Utilities Commission may appoint or employ one deputy or employee, and the Legislative Council may appoint or employ two deputies or employees.


Reference Source:  Article VII, section 4 of the California Constitution


Exempt Eligibility

Exempt positions are exempt from civil service laws and rules therefore, individuals are not required to take an examination prior to appointment.  Interested candidates must meet the job requirements stated in the position announcement. 


Reference Source:  Article VII, section 4 of the California Constitution


How to Apply

The exempt position announcement provides detailed information about the position and the requirements for applying.  This information is provided under the Special Requirements, Application Instructions, and Additional Information section of the position announcement. Completed applications and required documents must be received or postmarked by the Final Filing Date in order to be considered.


If you are interested in gaining employment as an exempt, you can locate exempt position announcements at:


It is also required to submit an application through the California Governor’s Office website at:

  Updated: 9/7/2017
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