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Registration and Troubleshooting

​CalHR Training Registration

Before attending or taking any CalHR training or using any training materials your supervisor must approve the use of work time. In general, the course content must relate to your job duties or career development. Review your department's training policy or contact your department's Training Officer for more information.

​Classroom Courses

Classes with Online Registration

To register for a course, click the course title link in the Training Calendar; it will lead you to the online registration forms.  Alternatively, you may select a course from the  Course Catalog. You must complete these forms first to secure your seat in the class. Completing the registration requires you to agree to the terms and conditions and Statewide Training Center Guidelines. Once completed you will submit your form to the approver that you have identified in the form.  The approver has 120 hours to approve the request; if more than 120 hours elapses, your registration will be canceled and you will have to start the process from the beginning. You will receive a confirmation number as part of the process. 

For questions please contact CalHR Training at: 


When you register for a webinar, you get the opportunity to participate in live training without leaving your desk.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
for Managers and Supervisors

Before you Register

Using WebEx

  • Speakers or headphones - Your computer must have working headphones or speakers.
  • WebEx software - You may need help from your IT help desk to install WebEx software.
  • Network firewall - Your department's network firewall must allow WebEx to pass through.
  • Contact WebEx - Your IT department may want to contact WebEx Support


Frequently Asked Questions



Why can't I hear sound?Why can't I hear sound?<p><strong>Speakers or headphones</strong> - Ensure you have speakers or headphones connected to your computer, and that they work properly.</p><p><strong>Join the Integrated Voice Conference</strong> - At the beginning of the webinar, the host will start this service, and everyone who is already logged in, as well as eveyrone who logs in after that point, will receive a prompt to join the Integrated Voice Conference. If you do not join the Integrated Voice Conference when prompted, you can do so during the webinar. The option appears in a dropdown menu at the top of the WebEx screen.</p>
How do I ask questions or make a comment?How do I ask questions or make a comment?Use the Chat panel during the webinar to type your question or comment. Send your message to the Host. You will not use a microphone to speak to the presenters, and there is no conference line for you to call in.
How can I make sure WebEx will work on my computer?How can I make sure WebEx will work on my computer?<p>Before the webinar, run the <a href="">WebEx compatibility test</a>.</p>
When will I receive my webinar link and password?When will I receive my webinar link and password?<p>​CalHR sends the webinar link and password to registered participants four calendar days before the webinar.</p>

Billing Information


You must have an active valid contract with CalHR. The cost will be billed through your department's consolidated contract or a separate inter-agency agreement.  Invoices will still be sent for contracts.


Will be processed by CalHR 10 or more business days in advance of class start date via phone call from our accounting office. 


Must be received by CalHR at least 10 business days in advance of class start date with either an attached copy of the training class confirmation email or handwritten employee(s) name, class title, and confirmation # (from email) on the front of the check.

Mail or drop off (M-F, 7:30am-5pm) checks at the following address:  
Statewide Training Center
1515 S Street, North Building, Suite 500
Sacramento, California 95811-7258



Statewide Training Center Training Center(916) S Street, North Building, Suite 500California95811-7258California Department of Human Resources

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