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Statewide Disability Advisory Council

The Statewide Disability Advisory Council (SDAC) was established to assist all departments in maintaining their respective Disability Advisory Committees (DAC).  As of July 1, 2012, the SDAC is under the guidance of the California Department of Human Resources.  Government Code Section 19792  requires CalHR to "provide statewide leadership, coordination, technical guidance and enforcement regarding efforts to fully achieve equal employment opportunity and non-discriminatory employment practices within the state civil service."  SDAC supports  departments in achieving this effort.  SDAC serves as an advisory council to the CalHR Director to help California State government increase and improve employment opportunities for people with disabilities.


Current SDAC Officers

Michael Mitchell, Co-Chair

(916) 843-3154


Eric Nelson, Ph.D., Co-Chair

(No phone)

LaVerne Bush, Co-Secretary

(916) 322-2156


Vacant, Secretary


Department Disability Advisory Committees

Government Code Section 19795(b) requires each department to establish a Disability Advisory Committee (DAC). The purpose of the DAC is to advise the departmental director of issues of concern to the department's employees with disabilities. Departmental DAC members participate on the SDAC. The SDAC helps departmental DACs by sharing ideas for improving the representation of state employees with disabilities, proposing solutions to reasonable accommodation problems, and providing information and training on disability issues. The SDAC Co-Chairs provide support to DAC members on how to have an effective DAC. Please contact your Department’s Equal Employment Opportunity Office on questions regarding discrimination. In order to assist departments establish effective DACs, CalHR and the SDAC have prepared the information guide:  How to Have an effective Disability Advisory Committee.

SDAC Bylaws

SDAC Calendar

SDAC Resources

  Updated: 3/5/2015
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