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Psychiatric Nursing Education Director (8155)

Psychiatric Nursing Education Director

California State Personnel Board Specification

  • Schematic Code: TI50
  • Class Code: 8155
  • Established: 09/08/1937
  • Revised: 09/20/1983
  • Title Changed: 09/12/1953


Under general direction, in a State hospital or neuropsychiatric institute, to plan, organize, direct, and conduct the nursing education programs for the nursing service staff and other hospital personnel, or for student professional nurses; and to do other related work.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Employees in this class occupy a staff position and receive direction, consultation and advice from the Chief of Professional Education, Mental Hospital or Chief of Professional Education, Developmentally Disabled Hospital. Duties are primarily in the field of development and administration of educational programs, teaching, and supervision of nursing faculty. Where a student professional nursing educational program exists at the hospital, a second position of Psychiatric Nursing Education Director is established to head this program.


Employees in the next lower class of Nurse Instructor serve as classroom instructors in educational programs under the direction of a Psychiatric Nursing Education Director.

Typical Tasks

Plans, organizes, and directs educational programs and conducts courses of instruction in general and psychiatric nursing principles, methods, techniques, supervision, ward management, and related subjects for registered nurses, student professional nurses, pshchiatric technicians, and other hospital personnel; determines training needs and recommends educational policies for nursing services personnel; prepares and directs orientation courses for new hospital employees; provides counseling and guidance to students in educational programs; trains and counsels the nursing services teaching staff; assists instructors in course planning and evaluates their performance and takes or recommends appropriate action; develops, analyzes, and recommends study materials and training aids; coordinates, supervises, reviews, and participates in on-the-job clinical training of ward personnel and student professional nurses; assures that instruction includes correlation of prescribed standards of client care and treatment with administrative policies and unit practices; develops and directs the administration and grading of examinations covering courses of instruction; supervises the maintenance of classroom equipment and supplies; evaluates educational programs in terms of effective performance and revises courses accordingly; confers with other members of the treatment team and related services personnel on nursing and coordinated teaching programs; meets with nursing school faculties and others concerning accreditation of education programs; prepares and submits budget requests for personnel, equipment, and supplies; maintains favorable public relations with community groups and uses community resources to attain educational objectives; studies and participates in nursing research; stimulates nursing staff interest in professional writing; prepares reports.

Minimum Qualifications

Possession of the legal requirements to practice as a professional nurse in California as determined by the California Board of Nursing Education and Nurse Registration. (Applicants who are in the process of securing approval of their qualifications by the Board of Nursing Education and Nurse Registration will be admitted to the examination but they must possess all legal requirements as determined by that Board before they will be eligible for appointment.) andExperience: Either one or a combination of:


1. Two years of performing the duties of a Nurse Instructor in a California state mental hospital or neuropsychiatric institute; or


2. One year of psychiatric nursing experience in one or a combination of:


a. An approved hospital for the mentally or develop mentally disabled; or


b. A psychiatric unit of an approved general hospital; or


c. A neuropsychiatric service in a military or Veterans Administration hospital; or


d. A correctional facility.


(Possession of a master's degree in nursing education may be substituted for the year of psychiatric nursing experience.) andTwo years of experience in teaching nursing. (Possession of a master's degree in nursing education may be substituted for one year of teaching experience.) andEducation: Graduation from a recognized college. and

Knowledges and Abilities

Knowledge of: General and psychiatric nursing principles and techniques; principles, methods, and techniques in planning, organizing, supervising, and conducting educational courses in general and psychiatric nursing and related subjects; principles and practices of effective supervision; organization, unit management, procedures, supplies, and equipment used in general hospitals and in hospitals for the mentally or developmentally disabled; medical and psychiatric terminology; medicines; current literature and trends in psychiatric nursing; rehabilitation, physical therapy, and other treatment programs; the department's affirmative action program objectives; a manager's role in the affirmative action program and the processes available to meet affirmative action objectives.


Ability to: Apply general and psychiatric nursing principles and techniques; apply the principles, methods, and techniques in planning, organizing, supervising, and conducting educational courses in general and psychiatric nursing and related subjects; direct the work of others; communicate effectively; keep records and prepare reports; effectively contibute to the department's affirmative action objectives. and

Special Personal Characteristics

Aptitude for and interest in working with mentally or developmentally disabled clients; understanding of mentally or developmentally disabled clients; emotional stability; demonstrated leadership ability.

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