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The following Active state employees who meet the eligibility criteria can participate in the Third Party Pre-Tax Parking Reimbursement Account Program (Program):

  • Rank and file

  • Managerial

  • Supervisory

  • Confidential

  • Excluded (including: Constitutional Officers; employees of the Judicial Council; and Supreme, Appellate, and Superior Court Judges)

 Eligibility criteria are:

  1. You drive a personal vehicle to work or to a location from which you commute to work;

  2. You pay for employment-related parking in a paid facility providing a receipt; and

  3. You currently do not have a DGS-administered or department-administered parking space.


Unless you have appointments with more than one department in different locations or your duties require you to park in different locations, you are limited to one (1) parking space.  Your eligibility begins the first month following your first payroll deduction (IRC requirement).

For example:

If your Program deduction takes place in the July pay period (pay warrant has an issue date of August 1), then you may submit the parking fees associated with the month of August. In this example, these are the first fees that are eligible for reimbursement.

  Updated: 1/11/2016
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