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Template - Initial Notification of Potential Unlawful Appointment

Department Letterhead



Employee Name

Employee Address 1

Employee Address 2


Personnel Officer Name

Department Name

Department Address

Personnel Officer

Human Resources Division




On [DATE], the [DEPARTMENT NAME] Human Resources Office discovered your possible unlawful appointment into the classification of [CLASSIFICATION], appointment effective [DATE].


The [DEPARTMENT NAME] is currently investigating this matter. In order to establish the intent and actions of all parties involved, the [DEPARTMENT] must review specific facts and relevant documents regarding the appointment. From this review, the department will make a determination as to whether the parties acted in good faith as required by California Code of Regulations § 8. The department strives to address and resolve every issue in a timely matter; however, complex cases may take several months. We will make every effort to keep you apprised of the status of this case.


The department may contact you if further information is needed.


At this time, you will continue to work and receive compensation in the [CLASSIFICATION] classification until the department renders a final decision.

If this situation requires immediate attention or you would like to discuss this issue, please feel free to contact [RESPONSIBLE STAFF] at [PHONE NUMBER].




/s/Personnel Officer

Personnel Officer Name

Personnel Officer

Department Name

Human Resources Division




Employee Name, Official Personnel File


  Updated: 5/8/2014
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