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What is CAP?

​A CAP allows organizations to expand its available recruitment resources by encouraging enterprise-wide participation of internal employees when attending outreach events. The participating employees serve as Career Ambassadors and promote their organization, and the State of California, by enthusiastically educating job seekers on state careers, the state hiring process, and why the State of California is an employer of choice. A CAP can broaden the scope of an organization's recruiters by leveraging internal resources to attract specific audiences, which include employees who are college alumni, veterans, women in traditionally male-dominated occupations, subject matter experts from mission critical and hard-to-recruit classifications, of diverse backgrounds, representatives of underserved communities, persons with disabilities, and members of occupation specific professional organizations.

Implementing a CAP within your organization can:

  • Increase available outreach resources and allow for greater diversity among outreach teams
  • Allow an organization to tailor its outreach teams to specific events
  • Attract specific audiences to recruit
  • Attract well-qualified and diverse candidates
  • Increase employee engagement and commitment
  • Boost employee job satisfaction and morale
  • Expand employee networking and collaboration

The CAP model is a systematic recruitment process that includes six steps. Each step is designed to ensure the CAP can be effectively implemented in your organization.

career ambassador program model 

​Contact CalHR's Statewide Recruitment Unit at for assistance, questions, or feedback on the CAP model. ​
  Updated: 3/21/2018
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