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Workers' Compensation Investigations (March 2017)

​​Workers' Compensation Investigations (March 2017)


  1. Coordinate the upcoming investigation in your office/facility.

  2. Notify involved field staff if coordination is necessary in their office/facility.
    a.  Secure a private room, away from applicant and/or impacted individuals.
    b.  Identify and inform witnesses.
    c.  Communicate the importance of cooperation and confidentiality.
    d.  Obtain proper security clearances per established departmental guidelines (if necessary).
    e.  Provide escort to guide investigator through office/facility.

State Fund

  1. Adjuster notify the RTWC when investigation is assigned to vendor.
    a.  Adjuster add RTWC as point contact for vendor.
    b.  Don’t wait for vendor to contact the department.

  2. Vendor will also notify RTWC.

  3. These practices do not apply to sub-rosa.

  4. Ensure investigator is briefed in advance of any facility restrictions or access issues.

  Updated: 4/12/2017
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