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Other Pre-Tax Parking

Other Pre-Tax Parking Programs

The State of California offers two types of pre-tax parking payroll deductions. They are:

State-owned Parking Facilities (Department of General Services, CalTrans, etc.)

  • This pre-tax parking payroll deduction program is available to any State employee who has or can acquire a parking space in a State-owned garage or parking lot managed by the State.

  • The SCO deducts the parking fees from your check and remits them directly to the State department. 

  • Contact your department's parking coordinator for more information.

Department-Sponsored Parking

  • Departments that have "in-house" parking programs administer their own programs. SCO deducts the parking fees pre-tax from your check and transfers them to the department who then pays your parking fees.

  • For more information, contact your department's Transportation or Parking Coordinator or the unit responsible for your "in-house" parking program.

  Updated: 4/30/2014
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