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Basic Group Term Life Insurance for Excluded Employees

Beneficiary Designation

CalPERS and departmental beneficiary designations do not apply to life insurance benefits payable under the Metropolitan Life Insurance (MetLife) program. Life insurance benefits will be paid according to the standard order of beneficiary as follows:

  • to the surviving spouse/domestic partner, if none, then
  • to the surviving natural and/or adopted children, if none, then
  • to the surviving parents, if none, then
  • to the estate

Benefits will be paid equally among surviving children or surviving parents. Family status changes, such as divorce and remarriage are automatically adjusted provided you have not designated a beneficiary other than above. 

If you wish to designate a beneficiary other than the standard order stated above, you must request a beneficiary form from MetLife at 1-800-252-8524. You must return the completed form to MetLife. Upon receipt of the completed form, MetLife will record and retain the original in your file. A signed copy will be returned to you for your records. This designation will not change with marriage, divorce, or any other family status changes. You must complete a new designation form if their family status change alters their desired beneficiaries.

  Updated: 4/29/2014
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