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Healthier U

The Players. 

CalHR + Labor

  • Consult with the Wellness Coordinator and department leadership to develop and implement the program.
  • Provide training, guidance, and support to Wellness Coordinator.

A referee with arms up in the air signifying touch down.Executives

Executive leadership champions the program, identifies and empowers the Wellness Coordinator, ensures buy-in from mid-level management, supports employee leadership, and promotes activities.

Communications Team

The Communications Team meets regularly with the Wellness Coordinator and designated labor (employee) representative to discuss quarterly tasks, plan, and establish communication guidelines such as approval process for emails, fliers, and newsletters.

A football jersey.Wellness Coordinator

The Wellness Coordinator takes the lead on Healthier U, working with management, CalHR, and employees to:

  • Organize the team
  • Design, coordinate, and execute the game plan

A clipboard.Employee Engagement Committees

Design Committee: Made up of 4-6 employees with an equal number of managers and represented employees, this temporary committee identifies environmental assets and barriers to success and surveys employees' interest in wellness activities.

Advisory Committee: This ongoing committee also contains an equal number of represented employees (representative of all levels of the organization) and managers. They know the work culture and contribute to program planning, employee engagement, communications, activity implementation, and evaluation.


Employees recruited and trained to be "wellness champions." Working with the Wellness Coordinator, they promote and support Healthier U activities and conduct activities within their units such as organizing healthy potlucks, stretch breaks, and leading walks. 


These Advisory Committee subgroups focus on specific time-limited activities such as competitions or on ongoing topics such as communication or evaluation.

Disability Advisor

Having a Disability Advisor on the Advisory Committee supports the ability to choose or adapt activities for those with varying physical abilities.

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