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Healthier U

The game plan.

1. Establish Support

  • Obtain leadership commitment; discuss departmental goals
  • Identify and empower the Wellness Coordinator

2. Recruit

  • Temporary Design Committee members to conduct environmental assessment and employee interest survey to inform the game plan
  • Ongoing Advisory Committee members to plan and implement the game plan
  • Boosters to support Healthier U activities and implement small activities within their unit

3. Lay Groundwork

  • Review and adopt Healthier U goals, framework and outcome measures
  • Conduct environmental assessment and employee interest survey
  • Develop communication and engagement strategies to maximize employee participation 

4. Implement

  • Start the game with a kickoff event
  • Promote Healthier U at every level (e.g., executive, manager-supervisor, and staff meetings)
  • Promote team competition and publicly recognize success

5. Evaluate

  • Document outcome measures
  • Document lessons learned
  • Communicate successes
  • Revise as needed 
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