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4. Implement

​Incorporate marketing and communication strategy to promote wellness approach to all employees, including direct email from executive leadership.

Utilize marketing and communication strategy to launch wellness efforts. Receiving an email directly from executive leadership demonstrates to employees that wellness is supported and valued.

Present or promote wellness at all levels: executive, manager-supervisor meetings, division meetings, unit meetings, all staff meetings, etc.

Prepare executive team, managers, and supervisors for Healthier U

At executive leadership and manager/supervisors meetings, present an overview of Healthier U and its benefits. Include information that clearly indicates the department's intent to establish a culture of wellness:

  • Explain the importance and unique elements of Healthier U.
  • Outline the process and timeline: building infrastructure, designating staff and other resources, planning, and implementation.
  • Emphasize the importance of manager engagement in the program as well as their support for employee participation.
  • Keep them informed of any campaigns or activities and explain how it will be executed.

Launch Healthier U with a kick-off event

The Advisory Committee will provide valuable input on effective ways to implement wellness in your department. Generate "buzz" by planning a kick-off event that is fun, visible, and engages employees.

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