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Leadership Development Toolkit

The leadership development toolkit supports department efforts to create effective leadership development programs. There are many options when creating a leadership development program within your organization. The following resources will aid in executing a leadership development program.

Implementation Checklist

The implementation checklist guides the process of implementing a comprehensive leadership training program.

Program Learning Objectives

Program Learning Objectives to guide your training program development. These guides provide departments the foundation they need to develop multi-level integrated leadership programs, important for supervisory, managerial and executive success.

Compliance Tracking

Departments are responsible for ensuring training progress and completion are documented. Training completion can be documented in a learning management system (LMS), on paper, or both.

When documenting training completion, departments must identify the:

  • Name of the individual
  • Appointment date
  • Date training or development activity was completed
  • Training class title or competency covered
  • Number of hours for the training or development activity

Departments can use the compliance tracking template to document leadership training and development. Departments shall take reasonable steps to ensure compliance of leadership training and development for all leaders.




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