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Executive Perspectives

For Exceptional Results Focus on the People

Read "For Exceptional Results Focus on the People" - Karen Johnson 

Karen Johnson

Chief Deputy Director, Policy and Program Support, California Department of Health Care Services

"Keeping your team well-informed and empowered can build toward success." Read More

​Change Needs to Make Sense

Read "Change Needs to Make Sense" - Carlos Ramos 

Carlos Ramos

Formerly Director of the California Department of Technology and State Chief Information Officer

"We had to do things differently if we, as a government, were going to continue to thrive and to provide service to citizens." Read More

​Collaboration Is the Key to Organizational Success

Read "Collaboration Is the Key to Organizational Success" - Joan Markoff 

Joan Markoff

Formerly Chief Counsel of the California Department of Human Resources

"To build collaborative relationships, you need to model, encourage, and reward collaboration within your own organization." Read More 

​Finding Bridges

Read "Finding Bridges" - Richard Costigan 

Richard Costigan

State Personnel Board Member and representative on the CalPERS Board of Administration

"The biggest lesson that I've learned in leadership change is to always hire people who are better than I am." Read More

The Stretch

Read "The Stretch" - Karen Baker 

Karen Baker

Chief Service Officer for CaliforniaVolunteers

"The public that seeks 'service' from government doesn’t care whether the person assisting them is paid or not. The service is simply needed." Read More

Lead by Example

Read "Lead by Example" - Major General David Baldwin 

Major General David Baldwin

The Adjutant General, California Military Department

"At the core of our leadership beliefs is that we don’t expect our soldiers to do anything we wouldn’t do." Read More

​Each of Us Has Something to Offer

Read "Each of Us Has Something to Offer" - Betty T. Yee 

Betty T. Yee

California State Controller

"Everyone must understand their own potential to lead. Each of us has something to offer to bring about positive change." Read More

​Determined and Persistent

Read "Determined and Persistent" - Marty Morgenstern 

Marty Morgenstern

Covered California Board of Directors Member

"If you're the one who wants the change, you have to be determined and persistent." Read More 

Create an Environment of Success

Read "Create an Environment of Success" - John Chiang 

John Chiang

California State Treasurer

"My first job as a child was selling the Penny Saver. Little did I know ..." Read More

Curiosity, Competence, and Compassion

Read "Curiosity, Competence, and Compassion" - Diana Dooley 

Diana Dooley

Secretary of the California Department of Health and Human Services

"People look to you as a leader to know about their world, their organization, the details of their work." Read More

Service to Others

Selvi Stanislaus 

Selvi Stanislaus

Executive Director of the California Franchise Tax Board

"I decided on a vision for my own life. I knew it would be centered around service to others." Read More

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