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Developing, Using, and Evaluating Written Examinations


Job Analysis


This two day class focuses on the principles and techniques used to develop a legally defensible and predictive multiple choice examination and how to evaluate test effectiveness. Day one focuses on the methods of writing multiple-choice written tests. The course introduces various item types such as knowledge, reading comprehension, math, and analytical problem solving. Day two covers the use and interpretation of item analysis data for written multiple-choice tests. Topics include item discrimination, item-total correlation, item difficulty, distractor analysis, classical test theory, statistical reliability, and the use of this information to improve individual test items as well as the overall exam.


Participants will gain a foundation in the principles and techniques used to develop legally defensible and predictive multiple-choice examinations. Participants will also learn how to use an item analysis report to ensure that examinations are functioning properly. Upon successful completion of this class, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the concepts of examination reliability and validity
  • Describe the process for developing an examination plan
  • Organize secure examination development meetings
  • Formulate proper multiple-choice examination items
  • Interpret various test item statistics (i.e., item difficulty index, item discrimination index, point-biserial correlation)
  • Explain how to use item analysis to improve multiple-choice examinations

Intended Audience

Personnel analysts, managers, or individuals responsible for the development of employment testing and selection programs.


$350 per participant

Updated 9/27/2019
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