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What you Should Know as a Skelly Officer


Several adverse actions which departments initiate on their employees require that a hearing be held prior to the effective date of the action. This hearing is referred to as a "Skelly Hearing" and should be presided over by an individual who is familiar with the responsibilities of serving in this role, as well as legal and other requirements and principles applicable to the State's disciplinary, probationary period, medical and "without fault" action processes. This half-day class also addresses the application of progressive discipline, the role of corrective measures, determining the appropriate penalty, the importance of probationary reports and annual evaluations, as well as recognizing and addressing cultural diversity in the role of a Skelly Officer.


Participants will learn about the "Skelly Hearing" process and the responsibilities of those involved, as well as the processes and principles leading to the necessity of initiating actions which result in a "Skelly Hearing".

Intended Audience

Staff who serve as "Skelly Officers", HR Managers, Personnel Analysts, and Personnel Attorneys who are new to state service.


$90 per participant

Updated 7/23/2019
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